Ancient Chinese and God Creation Stories

When the Han Dynasty arrived at the Emperor Ling, it was decaying and decaying, and the people were not talking about life. The brothers Zhang Jiao, Zhang Liang, and Zhang Bao led the 500,000 and 500,000 peasants wrapped in yellow scarves to rise up and revolt. It was also the social contradiction that reached the limit that could not be resolved, and only resorted to force. From then on, there was chaos in the world, dividing up the separatists, killing and logging, and the men stood side by side. On this changing scene, the characters pushed to the foot of history, such as Sanxiong who later formed a dispute, have the hegemony of the nobility and the Jiangdong base area operated by the three generations. This Zhangjiao is just a no-show talent, and the article is probably not well written, otherwise it will not. When the writer can t bear the hardship, there is only restlessness. But after the trend, no matter whether he sees himself or others see him, of course, he does not have the attractiveness of Huobainuo.

However, Hugh has to underestimate this yellow scarf leader. He could not study psychology, but he can grasp the psychological state of the Chinese people, especially the farmers, and has shaped a god like Wunan Nanhua Lao Xianye. To support the waist , I also compiled a beautiful myth to publicize, and also mentioned a slogan Cang Tian is dead, Huang Tian should stand to confuse. So the eight states and counties in the Yellow River Basin, those desperate farmers, followed him. Not surprisingly , before that, I don t know how many peasant uprisings have taken place, and their leaders, regardless of whether they are cultural or non-cultural, have no mastery of the importance of making God.

Nine out of ten peasants uprisings must rely on the demon law to promote superstitions, from the Yellow Turban to the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom and the Boxer Regiment, which has never ended. Unscrupulous, pretending to be a ghost, using mantras and magical tricks, these deceiving tricks have not broken their roots to this day. Therefore, Liangshan Shuibo s timely rain on the Songjiang River, when the revolution was successful, and he wanted to share the fruits of victory, he had to ask God for help . Because of Gai Gu s last words, whoever laid down Zhujiazhuang, who caught the murderer, was the leader of Liang Shanbo. And Yu Qilin, Lu Junyi s popularity and social status, and his achievements in catching the killer, should of course be the number one. So Song Jiang was unwilling to fall back on power, so he had to engage in the superstitious trick again, pretending to dig a stone goblet from the ground. Drink, one hundred and eight generals, all engraved with big names on it! God has reserved them a seat. In this way, a great divine component was added, and even the old revolutionaries Wu Yong and Li Yan made a lot of noises. How could my brother be the master of the cottage? Song Jiang took the top spot, which is logical.

Hong Xiuquan of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom simply transformed a foreign god to decorate the facade. After Heavenly Father and Heavenly Brother, it was him who made his followers worship. It is said that at that time, foreign churches did not dare to identify with this sinisterized Jehovah. He combined Chinese witchcraft with Jesus teachings into a non-negligible religion, and pretended to have Heavenly Father in his possession, preaching the hadith. Those who opposed him also used the trick of pretending to be stupid. These peasant leaders of the Jintian Uprising, when they came to the capital of Nanjing, were actually in a large crowd and made a serious joke, which was really humorous.

I can see from this how the creation of God is ingrained in our land. In the end, there is no God to create, just make yourself: great! Wise! Holy! Saviour! It s even more scary. Anyway, whoever comes to power must read this scripture. This explains why the rulers of all ages preferred the people to be foolish forever and to guard against intellectuals and intellectuals. Without ignorance, superstition cannot be performed, and without superstition, how can there be worship of heaven, god and man?

The leaders of the uprising and the rebel leaders, from Chen Sheng and Wu Guang, are nothing but reckless heroes, non-first talents, prisoners and criminals, and bandits and bandits, all of whom have to fight against each other and take risks. Anyway, there was a crime of death, so I was about to pull the emperor off the horse. In the end, although it has become the trend of Kashihara, after all, it lacks the centripetal force and appeal that the world responds to ascends , and also lacks the personality charm of the leader group. And before becoming orthodox, due to resistance to the court and resistance to orthodoxy, the psychological barrier caused by the inevitable psychological weakness, will inevitably be like a crab just peeled, less courageous. The only person who can give himself such weakness and courage is God. Zhang Jiao does not look for South China Old Fairy. Who would believe that he is a great virtuous teacher because of his talents?

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