Ancient Chinese Robots-Ji Li Drum Car _ Transportation of Ancient People

Remembering the road car and big chapter car are actually talking about the Drum Car. The Drum Car is divided into two levels, with one bell on the upper floor and one drum on the lower floor. There is one in the car

In fact, the Ji Li Drum Car is a car used to calculate road mileage in ancient China. The written record of the Daoji car was first seen in the Xijing Miscellaneous Works by Liu Xie in the Han Dynasty. It was the Han scientist Zhang Heng who invented this thing. Later, because a device for playing drums was added to Xinglili Road, it was named Jili Drum Car.

In the 5th year of Emperor Renzong of the Song and Song dynasties (1027 AD), the inner servant Lu Daolong built another Jiri drum car. Later, Wu Deren redesigned and manufactured a new Jiri drum car. Wu Deren simplified the design of his predecessor , and made the Jiri drum car, reducing a pair of gears for striking the bracelet, so that when the Jili drum car went forward one mile, the wooden man hit the drum and the bell at the same time.

In Song History · Yufuzhi, there is a detailed description of the shape and structure of Jili Drum Car: Ji Li Drum Car is a large chapter car. Red, painted with flowers and birds on all sides, and a heavy-duty fenced arch. OK One li was the upper wooden man to play the drums, ten li was the second wooden man to play the bracelets. One yan, the phoenix, driving four horses. The old driver was eighteen. Four years of Emperor Taizong Yongxi (AD 987) increased to thirty. From this description, we can see that the shape of the Drum Cart is very exquisite, fully showing the superb level of manual skills at that time.

Another interesting thing is that ancient scientists consider the Drum Car as the sister of the guide car, and the two cars can be regarded as sister cars. They were both ceremonial cars of the ancient emperor when they were traveling, and they were often arranged in the same position. The two requirements were basically the same, the decoration was gorgeous, and the drivers were quite large, so they were also not suitable for practical applications. The use time of the Drum Cart is the same as that of the Guide Cart , from the Western Han Dynasty to the Northern Song Dynasty. After the Yuan Dynasty, the car slowly withdrew from people s vision.

Today s scientific proof, the recording function of Ji Li Drum Car is completed by the gear train. It uses a wheel to drive a set of gears of different sizes. When the wheel goes one mile, one of the gears just rotates one circle . The wheel turns the wooden man on the car to drum or hit the bell and report the trip.

At the same time, the typical reduction gear in the Drum Drum Car makes it an important ancestor of modern taxis and speedometers; it is used to design miles and is the ancestor of all modern mechanical clocks and puppets. Therefore, today s Robot experts gave it an interesting name: an ancient Chinese robot.

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