As descendants of the offspring, how did Emperor Jin of the Eastern Jin Dynasty evaluate the success of Sima Yi’s father and son?

The unification of the Western Jin Dynasty established by the three generations. But it is interesting that although the Western Jin Dynasty was the last winner of the Three Kingdoms era, the historical evaluation of the three generations of Sima Yi was not comparable.

There are two main reasons why the three generations of Sima Yi s ancestors and grandchildren can t compare to the Big Three of the Three Kingdoms: First, the Western Jin Dynasty did not become a long-lasting stable dynasty like the Han and Tang Dynasties. Its unification can be said to be a flash in the pan, and then Chinese history During the chaotic Eastern and Southern Dynasties of the Sixteen Kingdoms of the Eastern and Northern Dynasties, the Western Jin Dynasty also suffered a tragic ending.

Second, the three generations of Sima Yi s ancestors usurped Cao Wei s Jiangshan by conspiracy and deceitful behavior, and then completed the three-point unification. Sima s way of capturing the world also made many descendants look down on. Later Shi Shili of the Sixteen Kingdoms said: Sima Zhongda father and son, bullied his orphans and widows, and winked to win the world.

In fact, some descendants of the imperial family of the Jin Dynasty also knew very well that some of the black history of Cao Wei Jiangshan were usurped by the three generations of Sima Yi. It is said that during the Eastern Jin Dynasty, Emperor Sima Shao of the Eastern Jin Dynasty (the ancestor was Sima Yi, the son of Sima Yi) wanted to find out why Sima Yi and his son captured the world, and asked the Minister Wang Dao and Wen Yi.

Wen Xie was afraid to answer at that time, but Wang Dao, who is known as the king and the horse share the world, didn t have so much scruples, so how did Sima Xuan destroy his dissidents, and how the famous family and Sima Zhao slaughtered Cao Wei The black history of the emperor, Gong Cao Cao, etc. of the noble village all confided with Sima Shao and Pan of Emperor Jinming.

According to historical records, after listening to Wang Dao s story, Emperor Jin Ming Sima Shao covered his face and lay on the bed (a kind of seat) and said, If it s true, you ll be safe! That said, how can the Jiangshan National Games of the Jin Dynasty last long!)

Note: The Western Jin Dynasty was established in the first two years of Taiji (266 years), the reunification of Wu in the first year of Taikang (280 years), the annihilation of four years of Jianxing (316 years), the fifty- year reign of the state, and the reunification time was less than thirty-seven years.. The Eastern Jin Dynasty was established in the five years of Jianxing (317 years), the second year of Yuanxi (420 years), and the state government in 103 years.

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