Cheongsam showing women’s charm _ ancient clothes

The cheongsam originally refers to the robe worn by the bannermen. There is no obvious distinction between men and women in this robe, but only the robes worn daily by the flag women have blood relationship with the later cheongsams. Cheongsam is okay.

The robe worn by the women of Qi Banner has a broader body, and the cheongsam of later generations saves the waist and intends to show a graceful or feminine curve. In the robes of the flag women, embroidered trousers can be seen in the slits, and the later cheongsams have exposed legs in the slits. When walking, they can show the beauty of women s legs from time to time. In addition, after improvement, the collar of the later cheongsam is taller and tighter. The high collar covers the cheeks and touches the ears. Most of them are curved to the left and right symmetrically, exaggeratingly expressing the soft and slender characteristics of women s necks.

Qi Qipao thrived mainly in Shanghai, China in the 1930s, and soon swept across the country from Shanghai. Cheongsam, with its flowing rhythm, chic painting and strong poetry, shows the virtues, elegance, sensuality and beauty of modern Chinese women, so it is known as the representative of modern Chinese women s fashion.

Xun Lu Xun s Chaohua Xi Shi Wu Wu Hui said: Although the race is not like the cheongsam in Shanghai and the state affairs in Beijing, it is prohibited by the authorities, but women and children are not allowed to watch it .

According to Wu Xiayan s Fascist Bacteria , Jingzi is thirty-one years old and wearing a quality cheongsam, she is already a middle-aged Chinese housewife.

In recent years, cheongsam has reappeared in fashion, and it is more fashionable than ever, and it is often used as a formal dress in various international social etiquette occasions. Not wearing a cheongsam can be a loss for women, as a well-known person once said with regret: For a woman with a good figure, not wearing a cheongsam is a big loss!

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