China’s first prime minister village, in 2000 there were 59 prime ministers and 59 generals

One of the Pei family s princes, Guan Chang is incessant. More than 600 people are listed and listed in the official history. There are no less than a thousand people who are famous for future generations. There are more than 3,000 officials with more than seven products.

What s more worth noting is that among these more than 3,000 officials, there have been no corrupt officials, which is unimaginable in feudal society. For this reason, people call this village the first village of Chinese celebrities and the prime minister village of China .

The Jiuqu Yellow River surged and fell into Hukou. After crossing the Jin-Shan Grand Canyon, it suddenly widened. In its arm that turned its head to the east, it surrounded the ancient Jinnan land called Hedong.

This is one of the important birthplaces of the Chinese nation. Since ancient times, Zhong Lingyuxiu, talented people, Yao, Shun, Yu, Guan Yu Sima Guang, etc. have left a very heavy stroke in the history of the Chinese civilization. The reputation of the prime minister s first village is well-known both at home and abroad. Hedong Pei s family rules have been talked about for thousands of years.

Opening the history, the Pei family has flourished in the six dynasties since the Qin and Han dynasties, and flourished in the Sui and Tang dynasties. After the fifth generation, Yu Fang still exists.!

In the past two thousand years, Pei Baicun had 59 prime ministers, 59 generals, 14 Chinese clerks, 55 clerks, 44 clerks, 11 regulars, 11 royals, and 211 princes. There are 77 princes and countless counties below. She also married the royal family many times, including three queens, four princes, two princes, and 21 horses.

Traveling through history and looking back at the famous doors, people can t help asking: Why can the Pei family sing me and make their debut, and has been famous for two thousand years? As a unique historical and cultural phenomenon, behind it, What mysteries are hidden?

126 In 126 AD, the 25th generation of Pei s Pei family ran all over Hedong to find a place for the family to live. Peibai Village became his final choice.

The world is big, why do you choose this place? Peipei Village is located in a small ridge surrounded by mountains. It is close to the Laoshui River and surrounded by mountains on three sides. The fragrance is diffuse, complete but not closed, independent and naturally extending. The village is surrounded by Jiuling, and each ridge has a tall cypress at the highest point. Together, it has a nice name Jiufeng Chaoyang.

As the saying goes, the prime minister can support ships in the belly of Pei Bo, there are 59 prime ministers, which can accommodate so many prime ministers. Pei Bo village s belly is really big! To appreciate the big weight of Pei Bo village, Be sure to go to the Pei Jingong Ancestral Hall, because there is a splendid testimony of the Pei family.

To reach the Pei Jingong Ancestral Hall, he must pass through the level 118 bluestone steps, which symbolizes the steps of the 59 prime ministers and 59 generals. People have the feeling of admiring the sages before they even land.

Pei had family rules. Those whose grandchildren failed to pass the exam were not allowed to enter the gate of the ancestral shrine. Officials with bad marks died and could not enter the ancestral tomb.

The Pei family did not leave the deep house courtyard and Wanguan family property for future generations. Instead, they left a spirit of self-improvement and a moral model of self-respect. This is the real and precious treasure. The legacy of the cultivation heirloom still exists. Many people s homes are carved with the four characters cultivation heirloom squarely.

Peipei Village still retains a custom unique to China: hanging flags, its history can be traced back to the Han Dynasty. This hanging flag is very particular about soft and hard flags. Soft flag: write some words on the flag to encourage children and grandchildren to put on the lintel, and give birth to a son and write the talents of the founding country, the patriarch of the motherland and so on. When the girl is born, she writes heroes, golden branches and leaves. The hard flag is bamboo. The Tianxi House also separated two green bamboo leaves on both sides of the door frame, which meant that the children would thrive and grow up with a noble temperament.

Whoever left the historical and cultural heritage for humanity will be eternal. Zeng Xinglong s brilliant 2,000-year-old Pei family, such as the waters of the East, has become a cloud of smoke, but the unique “Pei cultural talent spectacle” created by the Pei family has left a valuable historical and cultural heritage for China..

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