China’s three traitors, infamous but works worth a thousand dollars

Nowadays, in the literary circle, everyone has heard a word that evaluates the older generation of artists who usually say double art and virtue, in fact, it means both virtue and talent! Of course, everyone knows the actual situation. How rare people are, no matter what is happening, they are both evil and artistic, and every thing is sinister villain! In fact, in the field of power or fame and fortune, it is difficult and difficult to find someone with both virtue and talent. From ancient times to the present, some talents are highly competitive, but their conduct is extremely unbearable. This article focuses on three big traitors, whose reputation is notorious, but the work is well-known!

During his visit, he took control of the state, framed Zhongliang, pushed the Northern Song Dynasty to the end, so he was called the head of the six thieves! It can be said that if it was not Cai Jing, the Northern Song Dynasty may not have perished! However, such a stinking traitor, But wrote a good word, and became his own family! It can even be said that Cai Jing s greatest talent is calligraphy!

When talking about the calligraphy of the Song Dynasty, four people have to mention, Su Huang Mi Cai, Su Shi, Huang Tingjian, Mi Fu, Cai Xiang! Among them, Cai Xiang is Cai Jing s younger brother! It seems that there is no Cai Jing among them, but the actual Because Cai Jing was a traitor, he was replaced by Cai Xiang in the Song Dynasty! Mi Fu has said publicly that his calligraphy is not as good as Cai Jing and Cai Xiang, and should be ranked fifth. The top four are Su Shi and Huang Tingjian., Cai Jing, Cai Xiang! Of course, Cai Jing was also miserable in the end. After 80 years of age, he was exiled for 3,000 miles! Because the people knew that he was a traitor, so he didnt sell anything to eat, so that he was starved to death! Without a coffin, he was buried in the Leze Garden dedicated to burying the homeless.

Qin Yue is from Nanjing, Jiangsu, and belongs to the traitor + power minister! I dont need to say more about his deeds, everyone knows it a little bit! Among them, the biggest evil is to kill Yue Fei! Although many people now turn over the case for Qin Yue, artificial The key to Yue Fei s death lies in Zhao Gou, but is Qin Mao a good bird?

Although Qin Hui was of bad character, he was the champion of the Song Dynasty. How difficult it is to become a champion among the vast number of scholars, which shows that this person s level is very high! What is even more amazing is that Qin Yun s calligraphy attainment is very high, and he has created the Songti !

It turned out that when processing the official document, Qin Hui found that the typeface of the official document was different, very irregular, and not conducive to recognition. Therefore, Qin Min devoted himself to researching and created a unique typeface, which is uniform and easy to learn. This is the Songti which is now well known! Today, Songti is still the most widely used font. It is the popularization of Chinese characters. Contributions are important. In this regard, Qin Yun contributed a lot ! Originally, it should be called Qin style according to the custom, but because Qin Yuan is a big traitor, everyone named it Song style!

Yan Song is from Xinyu, Jiangxi. He has been a child prodigy since he was a child. He was a jinshi in the later exam. He is a well-known power minister in the Ming Dynasty. He has been specializing in government for 20 years! After Yan Song was 63 years old, he worshiped in the cabinet and has been in power for 20 years.!

During this period of time, Yan Song s control of the government, mutilation of loyalty, and generous accumulation of wealth, can be described as doing nothing evil. Regarding Yan Song, the most famous name is Qingci Prime Minister , saying that his Qingci was written so well that it won the favor of Emperor Jiajing, so he can always stand up! Of course, regarding Yan Song s writing of Qingci, posterity think It was his son Yan Shifan s ghostwriter!

Little known is that Yan Song is more famous at the level of calligraphy! There is a deed: Yan Song inscribed the words to the public hall on the plaque of Beijing Tribute Court. In the Qing Dynasty, Qianlong felt that these three words were The traitor wrote, I wanted to change it, but no matter who wrote it, it was better than Yan Song s, only left! It is strange that Yan Song had a last word, I will report to the country but be loyal to my country, and I will tell you whether I am dead or not! It can be seen from this sentence that Yan Song considers himself a gentleman and has the will to serve the country, not an adulterer! However, from the perspective of historical reality, Yan Song is definitely a adulterer!

The above three talented and unethical people all have one feature in common: high level of calligraphy! However, there is a paradox here, some people say characters are like others, then these traitors words are very beautiful, a little Do not want them to be so treacherous!

Why is this? In fact, from the example of Yan Song, we can see some clues: Even in ancient times, even the adulterer had a theoretical basis of being an adulterer, and even thought that what he did was to serve the country! Therefore, the historical evaluation of the three people above is an adulterer. But they may not think so, but think frankly that it is for the country and the people! Because of this, their words also look frank and full of righteousness! Therefore, from this point, it is necessary to analyze the traitors rationally. Instead of scolding them, analyze why they did it!

There is such a saying in history, If Yi Di enters China, China is the word. I believe everyone knows that the Yuan and Qing dynasties can be regarded as orthodox by scholars! However, this sentence was created by Xu Heng in the late Song and early Yuan Dynasty and became a traitor. The theoretical basis of this! Prior to this, it was Huayi s Distinction ! Because of this sentence, there were so many traitors of traitors! If we analyze the three traitors from this perspective, maybe they also have their own The reason for being a traitor!

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