During the reign of Empress Xiao, the Liao Dynasty entered a glorious heyday

Xiao Chuo was not surnamed Xiao. Because of his family s merit, Yeluabaoji gave Xiao a surname. Empress Xiao s life was brilliant, and she was also one of the few female politicians in Chinese history. During her reign, the Liao Dynasty entered a glorious heyday. So who is Empress Xiao? Is it the Khitan tribe of Liao country?

Xiao Xiaochao was born in 953 AD. His father, Xiao Siwen, was a member of the Khitan tribe, and was the daughter of the Liao Taizong s daughter, the princess of the country. There is not much recorded about where the Empress Dowager Xiao is, but it has only been passed through in history. According to data, Xiao Chuo s ancestral home is today s Keshiketeng Banner in Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia. She is the third daughter of Xiao Siwen. She was a beautiful girl from a young age. Began her political career. The question of who the Empress Dowager Xiao is is then carried over.

Today Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia is located in the southeast of Inner Mongolia. It is a multi-ethnic city dominated by the Mongolians and Hans. It is also a large city in Inner Mongolia. Chifeng City has a long history and is one of the birthplaces of Chinese civilization. It is also the birthplace of Liao culture. In history, the queen-hearted mother was born here. The legendary woman was reformed on the court, punished corrupt officials, and worked hard. Outside the chapel, kissed the enemy in battle with the battle armor, defeated the Song Army twice and beheaded the Song Army. In order to protect the Liaojiang Mountains, the Diaoliao Prosperous Age was created by hand. Although she was so savvy and capable, she did not have a craving for power, and eventually returned the regime to the Liao Shengzong in preparation for her old age. But the world is impermanent, and in the palace, he suffers from bad illness, and finally dies unfortunately.

Queen Mother Xiaode Han is a husband and wife. The Empress Xiao is named Xiao Chuo and the nickname Yanyan is the Empress of Liao Jingjing. She loved studying since she was a child. Emperor Liao Jingjing never asked, since that time, Xiao Chuo s governing the country has already appeared. In 982, Emperor Liao Jing died, and Liao Shengzong Yelu Longxu ascended the throne, and Xiao Chuo was assisted in government.

The young master came to the throne, and many royal families still looked down on the throne. Although Xiao Chuo was closed, the master and the young were suspicious, and the mother and son stood. At this critical juncture, the South Court ambassador Han Derang stepped forward. With the tacit consent of Empress Xiao, he replaced the courtiers and assisted Liao Shengzong, calming down a storm. This Han Derang was originally a Han, but their grandparents and grandchildren were stigmatized by the disgraceful birth of Gong Fenren . Han Derang wanted to get rid of this kind of shackles, so he devoted himself and bowed his head, and stood out during the reign of King Jing. The ambassador to the South Court was secretly enlisted, and because of the successful ascension of the Emperor Liao Shengzong, he became a prominent minister of the court.

No matter how powerful a woman is, she always has a soft place in her heart. In addition to being thankful to Han Derang, Queen Mother Xiao can t help but think of her own life, and can t help but be filled with emotion. So he made a shocking move and married 41-year-old Han Derang to govern the country with him. There are different opinions about the marriage between Empress Xiao and Han Derang. One is that she first sent someone to kill Han Derang s wife, and lived in Han Derang s account. The two had a long love relationship and became Qin Jin s good. The second is that Han Derang is treated well, which is beyond the reach of ordinary ministers. Empress Xiao is given the surname Yelu and has a prominent position. Liao Shengzong saw Han Derang respectfully, just like his father, so it was logical for Xiao Chuo to marry Han Derang.

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