Emperor who should not be forgotten the most: Mingjun in history, only married one person for life.

There were hundreds of emperors, large and small, in China s feudal dynasty for more than two thousand years, and most people know only a small part. History is so forgotten that the emperor who can be remembered by future generations is either a stupid monk who has stinked for thousands of years, or a bright monarch who has passed away forever. Ordinary emperors who can t go up are drowned in the long river of history.

The sixteen emperors of the Ming Dynasty have their own characteristics. In contrast, Zhu Youzhen s protagonist s halo is too weak. His father Zhu Jianshen and his son Zhu Houzhao are better known than him. This is also unknown to Zhu Youzhen. one of the reasons. But friends who have read Things in the Ming Dynasty may be very impressed with the emperor, because the author gave him the highest evaluation in the Ming emperor that year-he is a good emperor and a good person.

This is by no means just a subjective evaluation of an individual. Scholars who study history almost agree that Zhu Youzhen is an almost perfect emperor. Why is Zhu Youzheng not only the founding emperor, but also leaving no remarkable eternal achievements, but can get such high praise?

As an emperor, although Zhu Youzhen did not create great achievements, he was a good guardian. In the middle and late Ming dynasties, the emperors were mostly indifferent, but Ming Youzong Zhu Youzhen was very diligent. Not only did he have to arrive early in the morning, he also reopened the afternoon. Between the early and afternoon dynasties, he also opened the Mandarin Palace to discuss government affairs and discuss state affairs with the cabinet, which was quite hard work by Zhu Yuanzhang.

Regarding the various scourges left by his father, Zhu Youzhen decisively set aside any disorder. He murdered villains, reused virtuous officials, strictly guarded eunuchs, abolished some cruel laws, lightly endowed, rested with the people, and frugally. Zhu Youzhen s efforts were finally rewarded. During his reign, the Ming Dynasty s economic prosperity and the people lived and worked in peace and contentment were called Hongzhi Zhongxing by historians. Some even said that if it were not for Zhu Youzhen s efforts, the Ming Dynasty would have perished early.

All these can only show that Zhu Youzhen is a good emperor in accordance with traditional standards. He is a good man is what sets him apart from other emperors. Among many eternal Mingjuns, almost no one was specifically described as a good person. Why should we especially emphasize Zhu Youzheng as a good man? Because his moral level is rare among the emperors of all ages.

Although Zhu Youzhen was the emperor s son, Zhu Jianshen did not know his existence before he was six years old. He was only an illegitimate child who depended on his mother, and was always on guard against the murder of Wan Guifei. After being six years old, although Zhu Youzhen was established as a prince, the biological mother Ji Shi left him, and Wan Guifei still wanted to leave him and die all the time. Zhu Youzhen lived another twelve years under Wan Guifei s devil s claws , and successfully ascended the throne at the age of 18.

Zhu Youyi has obtained supreme power, but he chooses forgiveness and forgiveness for all kinds of hatred. He treats everyone kindly, including his enemies. Zhu Youzhen went through a tragic and dark childhood, but he still maintained strict discipline and leniency towards others after receiving power. This is the most valuable quality.

In addition to generosity, Zhu Youzhen also did a feat, that is, he only married Queen Zhang in his life. In feudal society, ordinary people still have three wives and four concubines. The emperor is the 72nd concubine in the third house and the sixth house. Yang Jian, who is afraid of his wife, is not only the lone queen, but also the concubine s funeral. However, Ming Youzong Zhu Youzhang had only one Empress Zhang in his life. He had great favor for Empress Zhang . The two lived together and lived as ordinary people. They were among the emperors of the past. By.

A British historian once said that power corrupts people, and absolute power corrupts people. This phrase is suitable for most people, but Ming Youzong Zhu Youyi is an exception. He has the power to control the world, but he still treats others with leniency; after suffering, he chooses to forgive. Ming Xiaozong Zhu Youzheng deserved the evaluation of good emperor and good man.

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