Encyclopedia of Famous Chinese Literature in Modern Times

Yang Zirong is a character in the novel Lin Haixueyuan, a reconnaissance platoon leader of a small unit of the People s Liberation Army, and a brave and lonely hero. He came from a peasant farmer, entered the ranks of revolution with class hatred, and had a firm conviction and a strong reconnaissance ability to completely remove the roots of exploitation. In the execution of the bandit mission, he dared to go to war for the benefit of revolution. He knew the little furnace maker, went alone in the tiger s hole, and wrestled with enemies in Weihu Mountain, fighting Luan Ping with his tongue, forcing the bandit to sit and kill Luan Ping, and finally sent information to capture the sitting Sculptor, showing strong will Amazing courage. Yang Zirong is a typical scout hero with great wisdom and bravery.

Zhu Zhuozhong is a character in Liang Bin s novel The Red Flag , a peasant image of a revolutionary peasant who is bitter and bitter and daring to fight. The deep hatred of the family and his life experience from childhood to life have developed his wicked character, chivalrous character and perseverance. His father was killed in a fight with a bully landlord, his sister was humiliated and killed herself, and the misfortune of the family planted seeds of hatred on Zhu Laozhong. After returning to Kanto, he spontaneously organized the poor brothers in the village to fight with bully landlord Feng Laolan, and arranged that he and his good friend Yan Zhihe s descendants would go to school to study martial arts in order to complete the wish of revenge. The revolutionary struggle led by him influenced and educated Zhu Laozhong. After undergoing training in the revolution, he finally grew into a strong and experienced revolutionary fighter. Zhu Laozhong is a peasant hero from spontaneous re bellion to conscious revolution. His image is of typical significance.

Lin Lin Daojing is a character in Yang Mo s novel Song of Youth . She grew up in a bureaucratic landlord family, grew up with heterosexual discrimination and cold eyes, and formed a lonely and wistful character. After graduating from high school, she ran away because she resisted a family arranged marriage and jumped into the sea to commit suicide without any help. Fortunately, she was rescued by Peking University student Yu Yongze. She loved Yu Yongze from gratitude to cohabitation in Peiping. Vigorous patriotism helped Lin Daojing get rid of the vulgar and selfish Yu Yongze, and led into a revolutionary movement under the guidance of a group of revolutionary youth such as Lu Jiachuan. Later he was arrested and put in prison. He was directly helped by Yuan Linhong and gradually overcome the small The bourgeois childishness and fanaticism eventually became a strong proletarian fighter. Lin Daojing is a typical intellectual who embarked on the revolutionary road under Chinese education in the 1930s. Her growth path has a certain general significance.

Li Shuangshuang is a character in Li Zhun s short story Li Shuangshuang s Biography. She is a hard-working and capable rural woman. The upsurge of agricultural production started in the 1958s. Mobilizing all forces into productive labor was a requirement of that era. Li Shuangshuang can no longer be satisfied with the status of a housewife who “turns around the pot and table” all day long. She also bravely went out of her home, set up a cafeteria, participated in technological innovation, and participated in water conservancy construction. All this was opposed by Sun Xiwang, a serious macho husband. Li Shuangshuang struggled with her husband s old ideas and old consciousness, and also with the forces of old habits left over thousands of years, and Finally showed her value in the collective cause. Li Shuangshuang also has a grandfather s selflessness and evil-like hatred. She is typical of a new generation of rural women in a specific historical period.

Xi Liang Shengbao is a character in Liu Qing s novel History of Entrepreneurship and the leader of the agricultural cooperative movement. He was born in poverty, his biological father was killed in famine, and Liang San was recognized as stepfather on the way to famine. The father and son worked hard in Toad Beach but failed. During the land reform, they shared the land and had their own family business. Obeying the party s call, Liang Shengbao did not follow the already prosperous road and firmly led the masses to cooperate. He was diligent, honest, and self-denying, and established a strong prestige among the masses with a noble character. His courage to forge ahead, respect science, be good at absorbing new things, and adopting good rice seeds to increase grain output, showing the superiority of the mutual aid group. He was optimistic, insisted on principles, used the Party s policies as a weapon, and stood up to pressure from all sides, and finally successfully established an agr icultural cooperative. Liang Shengbao is a model of a new generation of socialist ideology who grew up in the countryside in the early days of the founding of the People s Republic of China.

Sister Jiang is a character in Luo Guangbin and Yang Yiyan s novel Red Rock , an excellent underground worker of the party. Her real name was Jiang Xueqin. She came from a poor background and her parents died early. Her miserable life experience made her have simple class feelings, and later became a determined person under the party education. On the eve of the founding of New China, she was sent to Huaying Mountain to engage in armed struggle. On the way, I saw her husband Peng Songtao being killed by the enemy, and his head was hanging from the city. She endured grief, fought with the Huayingshan guerrillas, and was unfortunately betrayed by a traitor and put in Chongqing Baigongguan prison. In prison, the enemy tortured her with all kinds of strength. She persisted in fighting with a strong will of a member, brave and unyielding, and finally calmly walked to the execution ground. Sister Jiang is a typical image of a proletarian revolutionary warrior with a high-mindedness and desp ise of death.

奂 Chen Chensheng is the protagonist in Gao Xiaosheng s Chen Chensheng Series novels Funnel Householder , Chen Chensheng Uptown and other works. He is an ordinary farmer with a strong three-dimensional sense. The extremely left line that has been promoted in the countryside for a long time has caused Chen Kun to be short of food every year. Since the reform and opening up, rural policies have changed. After Chen Yisheng s material life has been met, he has pursued spiritual pursuits. He was not satisfied with the humble status of the dwarf half head, and hoped that others would pay attention to him and respect him. This pursuit was finally satisfied in an uptown adventure. The villager looked at him because he had sat in the car of the county party secretary in the city and lived in a high-level guest house, which made his destiny comedy. Chen Xunsheng s life experience shows his simple and complex character of sternness, rigidity, integrity and humility, self- esteem, and sel f-esteem, as well as his obedience and easy contentment, especially with the virtual victory of Ah Q to satisfy the actual Defects and other characteristics have deep historical accumulation of personality characteristics, which makes people see the trajectory of the spiritual changes of ordinary farmers in difficult situations, reveals the spiritual burden of heredity on farmers, and has profound social significance.

Gao Gaolin is the main character in Lu Yao s novella Life . He used to be a private teacher with a high school education, and was then crowded out to become a farmer. He also became a propaganda officer of the county party committee through the back door. He has a good job and a bright future. Finally, he returned to the countryside because the back door was exposed. His love life is also up and down. He originally accepted the innocent love of Qiaozhen , a rural girl. After entering the city, he could not resist the pursuit of Huang Yaping from the cadre family. He broke off with Qiaozhen. With the loss of his job, he also lost Yaping. At this time Qiaozhen Already married in grief . Gao Jialin is rich in ideals, brave in reform, and eager to pursue modern civilization while pursuing with all his heart; but in his pursuit, he has enthusiasm and a personal motivation of vanity and victory. He stands at the crossroads of life, has not fully realized his social responsibility, and lac ks the right thinking to restrict his actions. Gao Jialin is a young intellectual with a complex personality. Some people think he is a rural newcomer and affirm it, and some people think he is a lonely struggler and negate it.

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