Four ancient nautical vessels in ancient China _ ancient people’s transportation

Sand boat is the oldest type of sea boat in China. Because it is suitable for sailing on shallow waters and sandy beaches, it is named a sand boat, and it also has a name sand prevention punt. The square head of the sand boat is flat, the deck is spacious, and the freeboard is low. It has the advantages of wide, large, flat and shallow. Its stability is relatively good, the ship can be beached smoothly at low tide, the seaworthiness is particularly strong, rivers and lakes can sail. In general, such sand boats are more common north of the Yangtze River Estuary, especially in the coastal areas of Jiangsu Province and the shallow waters of the Bohai Sea. in

The Fu boat is called the sharp-bottomed boat on the coasts of Zhejiang and Fujian, and is famous for traveling in the South Ocean and the open sea. The Ming Dynasty sailor s warship was a blessing ship. According to the information left, the blessing ship was as tall as a building at the time, with a wide apex, a deep draft, high heads and tails, and guards on both sides. The whole ship is divided into four layers, the lowest layer is filled with earth and stone ballast, the second layer is for soldiers, the third layer is the main operating place, and the uppermost layer is the battle place. When Ming dynasty star Qi Jiguang calmed down the pirates, the main ship of the sailor was the blessing ship. The main ship of Zheng He s voyages to the Western Ocean is called Treasure Ship, which is also a lucky ship.

Yongguang Ship is the general name of large wooden sailing ships in various parts of Guangdong Province. The bottom of the wide ship is particularly sharp, it is fast at sea, and it is not easy to sink. Titanium rudders are used in rudders, which are strong in the waves and not easy to break, which is very important when sailing at sea. Moreover, the rudders generally use multi-hole rudders to reduce the steering torque and improve steering efficiency. China s first Yingying sailed to Europe was a typical Cantonese ship.

There is also a bird boat, which is the main type of sea boat with sand boats, blessing boats, and wide boats. It is a small fast boat along the coast of Zhejiang, Fujian, and Guangdong in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Bird boats mostly appear in Zheng Chenggong s fleet. They are a type of paddle-sail dual-purpose ship in the Zhejiang and Fujian regions. They are often used as war ships. They are used to sail when there is no wind, and sail when there is wind. It is suitable for coastal navigation and not for ocean navigation.

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