How ancient Chinese Fan Zhongyan achieved great achievements is related to his life style

(Fan Zhongyan) When he grew up, he knew his own life, said goodbye to his mother with tears, and left to study at Nandu Xueshe in Yingtianfu. (He) reads carefully during the day and late at night. In five years, he never took off his clothes and went to bed. Sometimes I feel drowsy at night, often pouring water on my face.

Fan (Fan Zhongyan) often reads hard during the day and eats nothing until the sun is west. In this way, he realized the main tenets of the Six Classics, and later set his ambition to benefit the world. He often preached by himself: Be the first to worry about the world, and to be happy later.

Original text: Fan Zhongyan was lonely at the age of two, his mother was poor, and he was suitable for Changshan Zhu. After being long, knowing his family, he wailed his mother, and went to the school house to the south. He studied hard day and night, and went to bed without a solution for five years. Or lethargic at night, with a fertile surface. Often the congee is not filled, the sun begins to eclipse, and then the purpose of the Six Classics of Chase is, of course, aspiring to the world.

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