Long letter palace lantern

The Changxin Palace Lantern is a bronze lamp with a height of 48 cm and a height of 44.5 cm. It was produced in the Western Han Dynasty and was unearthed in the tomb of Dou Yi, the wife of Jing Wang, the king of Jing in Zhongshan, Hebei.

During the Qin and Han dynasties, the traditional bronze craftsmanship had lost its original brilliance and no longer occupied an important position in handicrafts. Lightweight, delicate and practical daily necessities and ornamental arts became mainstream. The lamp is one of the tools often used by ancient craftsmen to create, and its decorative sculpture first appeared in the Shang Dynasty. The craftsmen of the Han Dynasty inherited the tradition of their predecessors and innovated to produce many hand-made products. The palace lantern of Changxin is a famous work of this period. This is a whole body bronze lamp with 65 characters inscribed with Longxin Shangshang on it, so it was named Longxin Palace Lantern. Its design is very delicate, the overall image is a kneeling woman sitting on her knees, holding the bottom of the lamp with her left hand, and her right hand is integrated with the lampshade. The entire lamp is divided into six parts: the head, body, right arm, lamp holder , lamp plate and lamp cover, which are respectively cast and combined; the lamp plate can be rotated, and the lamp cover can be opened and closed freely to adjust the direction and brightness of the light. The right arm of the palace maid is in communication with the body of the palace lantern. Smoke can enter the body through the right arm and leave soot to reduce indoor oil smoke pollution. It is worth noting that the image of a palace lady holding a lantern: she is wearing a long-sleeved long shirt, her movements are natural and beautiful, her face is dignified and elegant, her head is tilted forward, her eyes are focused, her expression is exhausted and careful, showing the unique psychology of a young woman feature.

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