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Before 2000, Lop Nur was the territory of the ancient Loulan Kingdom, and it was also the place for the Silk Road to pass. It turned out that the people here thrived and flourished. However, Loulan no longer existed, and Lop Nur was slowly shrinking. In order to survive, they moved around. A plague in 1920 exacerbated the disaster here. Only a handful of people in nearby areas have survived and thrived to this day. Today there are more than 13,000 Robbs.

The mystery of Luobupo attracted many Chinese and foreign scholars, travellers and explorers. They risked their lives to figure out this desolate life forbidden zone again and again. We in China have a scientist Peng Jiamu and an explorer Yu Chunshun, who was deeply attracted by this place. He walked into this mysterious desert but never returned. 1997? In 1998, the three ordinary travellers of our country created a miracle and successfully passed through Lop Nur. Since then, Lop Nur and the Lop people have attracted more attention . The Luo people s connections with the outside world are gradually increasing. They understand the cultivation of cotton and other crops. With the market, they have also learned to buy and sell, and their living standards have also improved.

The staple food of the early Robbs was fish, which was simple to eat. Add water to stew or clean up and string them. Some dried red willow branches were grilled and eaten. When you eat, you need some seasoning. This kind of seasoning is called puhuang. Don t underestimate this seasoning, it is a kind of pollen. This pollen is now proven to be a very high-quality health care raw material. However, with the drying up of Lop Nur, the Lop people who live on fishing have gradually become herders, and the number of times they eat fish is relatively small. The reeds that have just grown are uprooted, and chewing the white and tender roots on the lower part is even one of their dishes. Centenarians are not uncommon among the Robbs. Perhaps such a simple diet is one of the secrets of their longevity.

Even though they are eating simple food, they are still wearing coarse clothes made of apocynum, and they still live here happily. They have their own language, the Robb, which is now lost. Rob people are hospitable. If you come to Rob s house, in addition to a large bowl of wine, a large piece of finger meat, there will also be music, singing and dancing. The woman Rob will play winter songs for you, sing melodious folk songs, and there will also be girls and guys in floral dresses dancing to the music. At this time, happiness will definitely infect you, and you can t help but join.

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