Milestones in the History of Chinese Science_Ancient Science and Technology in China

Since his childhood, Shen, a father who worked as a foreign official, has been travelling around, enjoying a good view of China s great mountains and customs, and his vision and insights are much broader than those of ordinary children of the same age , and his interests are much more extensive. The sun, the moon, the stars, the mountains, the trees, the flowers, the fish, the insects, and the insects.

Unfortunately, just when Shen Kuo was just 18 years old, his father died, and his family s plan suddenly became difficult. Shen Kuo had to go out to make a living, and became the master book in Puyang County, Haizhou (now Puyang , Jiangsu). Since then, government affairs have occupied most of the talented scientist s life. However, no matter how arduous the career path, how the Erhai Lake sinks, and how busy his official duties are, he never loses his scientific research even if he is determined or frustrated. With extraordinary will, keen observation and extraordinary energy, he kept climbing, and finally reached a brilliant culmination. Shen Kuo is knowledgeable. He is versed in astronomy and geography, mathematics and physics, medicine, literature and art. His scientific research covers a wide range and his insights are beyond the reach of his contemporaries.

Shen Kuo was an official in his life, wandering around, and almost traveled more than half of China, the steep mountains and mountains, the vast expanse of Pingchuan, the vast lakes, and the rapid rivers, leaving his footprints everywhere. With his deep eyes, he saw the ups and downs of them through the mountains and rivers. In Yandang Mountain, Shen Kuo found a strange phenomenon: he had visited many famous mountains, and he could see the peaks from outside the ridge, but Yandang Mountain was not the same. Only when he was in the valley, can he see the towering clouds Peaks. After pondering over and over again, Shen Kuo came to the conclusion that it was the large water in the valley. After the mud was washed away, these huge stones stood tall and stood up. In addition, many unique landscapes of Yandang Mountain, such as the large and small dragons, the early moon valley, etc., are also the result of years of digging by the flood. As a result, he thought of the towering loess area in the northwest of the mound, which has the same origin as Yandang Mountain, and is also a masterpiece of nature. It is only one of stone and one of soil. Shen Kuo s view on the formation of terrain due to water erosion. At that time, only an Arab scientist sees the hero similarly. It was not until 700 years later that British scientist Hedden fully used this principle to discuss geomorphological changes. In addition, in the analysis of the genesis of the alluvial plains, Shen Kuo s contribution is also extremely valuable in the naming of fossils , topographic surveying and mapping.

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