Moon cakes for Mid-autumn festival _ traditional cuisine of ancient people

The Mid-Autumn Festival on August 15th is the season when Chunhua and Qiushi are fruitful, and one year of hard work bears fruitful fruits. Therefore, everyone is celebrating the festival with the joy of a good harvest, thus forming a unique Mid-autumn diet custom in China.

In addition, the moon on August 15 is more round and bright, so it is also called Yue Xi, Autumn Festival, Mid Autumn Festival, August Festival, Moon Festival, or Reunion Festival. This night, people look up to the bright moon in the sky, and naturally look forward to family reunion. Travelers who are far away from home also use this to pin their own feelings on their hometown and loved ones. Therefore, Mid-Autumn Festival is also called Reunion Festival.

The term Mid-Autumn Festival first appeared in Book of Zhou Li, and the true national festival was formed in the Tang Dynasty. In the Tang Dynasty, the Mid-Autumn Festival is quite popular. The ancients held cold weather and moon festivals on Mid-Autumn Festival nights. Usually, a large incense case was set up, and moon cakes, watermelons, apples, red dates, plums, grapes and other sacrifices were placed. Under the moon, red candles burned high, and the whole family worshipped the moon in turn, and then the housewife cut the reunion moon cake. The cut people calculate in advance how many people there are in the whole family, at home and in the field, they must be counted together. You can t cut more or less, and the size must be the same. In the Southern Song Dynasty, in the folk, people gave moon cakes to each other as a gift for reunion. In some places, there were activities such as dancing grass dragons and building pagodas. Since the Ming and Qing dynasties, the custom of t he Mid-Autumn Festival has become more prevalent, and many places have formed special customs such as the burning of incense sticks, tree mid-autumn festivals, lighting of tower lights, sky lanterns, moon walking, and fire dragon dancing.

The legends of the Lunar Mid-Autumn Festival are very rich. There are a lot of stories such as Chang e going to the moon, Wu Gangvagui, and jade rabbits making medicine, and there is also a legend about Ming Taizu Zhu Yuanzhang .

It is said that eating moon cakes in the Mid-Autumn Festival began in the Yuan Dynasty. At that time, the vast number of people in the Central Plains could not bear the cruel rule of the ruling class in the Yuan Dynasty, and they all revolted against the Yuan. Zhu Yuanzhang united various resistance forces to prepare for the uprising, but Yuan Bing s search was very rigorous and it was very difficult to relay the news. Military division Liu Bowen came up with a plan and ordered his subordinates to hide a note containing the August 15th Night Uprising in the dough, and then sent people to the insurgents in various places to inform them of the uprising on the evening of August 15th. response. On the day of the uprising, the rebels responded , and Xu Da quickly captured the capital. The news came that Zhu Yuanzhang was so happy to pass down his mouth, and in the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival, all the soldiers and the people would have fun, and the moon cake that was used to secretly con vey information when they started the army as a festival cake to reward the ministers. Since then, the production process of moon cakes has become more sophisticated and more varieties, and has become a gift for relatives and friends.

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