Names of green bamboo tea _ ancient wine and tea

Emei camellia was famous as early as the Jin Dynasty. According to the Record of Emei: Emei Mountain has many herbs, tea is particularly good, and it is different from the world. Wannian Temple, Qingyin Pavilion, Bailong Cave, and Heishui Temple at 800 meters to 1200 meters above sea level are rich in bamboo green tea Great place. It is surrounded by mountains here, surrounded by clouds all year round; lush bamboo is very suitable for the growth of tea trees.

The bamboo leaves of S. meimei are flat in shape with thin tips at both ends, which resemble bamboo leaves; the aroma of the internal substance is high, the soup color is clear, and the taste is strong and mellow; the leaves are green and even. The fresh leaves used to make green tea with bamboo leaves are very delicate and the processing technology is very fine. It is generally mined 3 to 5 days before Qingming. The standard is one bud, one leaf or one bud and two leaves . The fresh leaves are evenly green and the size is the same. After proper placement, the tea is shaped and dried by means of shaking, scattering, grasping, pressing, stripping, etc. after high temperature killing greens, three stir-frying and three-kneading, so that the tea has the characteristics of flat, smooth, green, and bamboo-like. Then it is baked, and the tea aroma is increased, and the finished tea has a beautiful appearance and excellent internal quality.

The name of cypress bamboo leaves has some origin. One day in late April 1964, Marshal Chen Yi and his party passed through Sichuan and came to Mount Emei, dying at Wannian Temple on the mountainside. The old monk drank a cup of freshly picked green tea and brought it to Chen Yi. A fragrant fragrance smelt. Chen Yi drank two sips with a smile. The taste returned to sweetness, the fragrance of spleen, and he felt refreshed, tired, and tired. He asked: Where is this tea? The old monk replied: This tea is a native product of our Mount Emei, refined by a unique process. Chen Yi asked: What is the name of this tea? What s the name of the head! ”Chen Yi retorted,” I ma vulgar, vulgar, and slang, I cant stand in the elegant hall. ”After repeated requests from the old monk, Chen Yi said,“ I think this tea looks like bamboo leaves. Qingxiu is pleasing to the eye, it s called Zhuyeqing !” Since then, Emei bamboo leaf green tea with the same name as our fine wine has i ts own name.

The linden bamboo leaf green tea has a long history with Buddhism and Taoism. Because a long period of meditation can easily make monks feel tired and sleepy, and tea has the effects of refreshing, refreshing, quenching thirst, and eliminating fatigue, so it is the most ideal drink. Buddhism culture has a deep tea culture, and Buddhism has provided the tea ceremony with the philosophy of branches, like me, deepening the ideological connotation of the tea ceremony and making the tea ceremony more charming. The Taoist thought of heaven and man unite is the soul of the Chinese tea ceremony. Tasting tea has no self, I am Qingyi, Qingyi is me. Tea events in the high realm are things that I forget, just like Zhuang Zhou is a butterfly, butterfly is Zhuang Zhou, and the bamboo leaf green is one of the clear chants.

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