Revealing the cause of Zhenfei’s death: Since she was cast in the well or was killed by Cixi?

Zhenfei, surnamed Tara, Manchurian inlaid with red flags, talented, and well-versed in literature and history, entered the palace in the 14th year of Guangxu (1888), and was later named Jinfei. Emperor Guangxu and Zhen Fei had a very good relationship, but Ci Xi and Zhen Fei had always been in disagreement. Later, because of Zhen Fei s support for the Guangxu Reform Movement, she was resentful by the Empress Dowager Cixi. Finally, in July of the 26th year of Guangxu (1900 ), the Allied Powers attacked Beijing, On the eve of Cixi s imperial exile, Dr. Zhen was drowned in a well outside Ningshou Palace, but whether or not Zhen Fei fell into the well and died has been widely debated.

The first argument is that Zhen Fei gave birth to smallpox, and Ci Xi had to send someone to push Zhen Fei down the well. This statement comes mainly from the eunuch Xiaode Zhang Guojie s grandson Zhang Zhongchen s narrative in My Grandfather Xiaode Zhang . He recounted Xiao Dezhang s memories. According to his recollection, when Xiaode Zhang talked about Zhenfei, he said that after the Eight-Power Allied Forces entered the city, Cixi also came to the Royal Garden and changed into casual clothes before Yangxinzhai. Concubine concubines came one after another, and Emperor Guangxu also came over from the platform and put on a Tsing Yi cap. At this time, Cixi called Zhenfei and asked her to change clothes and go together. At this time Zhenfei had been imprisoned for three years. After a short while, Princess Zhen came with her hair loose and in a cheongsam. The old ancestor said in anger: At this time, you are still pretending to be here. Are you able to survive the foreigners coming in ? Hurry up and change your clothes and go! Zhen Fei said: Imperial Emperor, the slave faced smallpox, was seriously ill, and had legs. I am so weak that I cant go. Let me go out to my mother s house to take refuge! ”Cixi disagrees and still tells her to go. Princess Zhen knees on the ground and doesnt go. This provided an excuse for Ci Xi to throw Zhen Fei into the well, because Zhen Fei gave birth to smallpox and did not physically escape, so she had to do it as a last resort …

The second argument, Ci Xi sent people to kill. In the Gengzi Rebellion, the Allied Forces of the Eight Kingdoms are about to invade Beijing City. At this time, Zhenfei has been imprisoned for six years in the inner cell of Baizimen in Xi erchang Street. Concubine, let her find ways to keep the emperor in Beijing to preside over the whole situation. The implication is that you can take the opportunity to get rid of the queen mother s control and regain authority. Who knows that the letter was intrusted, the letter fell into the hands of the second director Cui Yugui, and was passed to Cixi. So Cixi was so angry that she committed suicide, and Zhen Fei refused to obey, so Cui Yugui sank her into the well. According to the “ A Grand View of the Wild History of the Qing Dynasty , under the presence of the Eight Kingdoms Allied Forces, Ci Xi and others packed up and prepared to escape the Forbidden City. Jin Fei stated that the emperor was the king of a country and should stay in Beijing . The queen queen ordered Li Lianying to push it into Ningshou Outside the palace in the well. But there is a question here, why is Zhenfei confined because of her Zanxiang New Deal? Through Zheng Shiyecheng, it can be concluded that her prisoner was not because of Zanxiang New Deal. In terms of time, she was imprisoned in Guangxu for 20 years, but the Reform Movement did not occur until 24 years later in Guangxu.Although she grew up in Guangzhou, which was the most fashionable , she was taught in the Wenting style. However, the thought will not be advanced to the level of Kang Liang, if she was imprisoned for Zhanxiang New Deal in the 20th year of Guangxu, wouldn t she be the precursor of Kang Liang, the initiator of our country s thought and revolution? It is true to use Guangxu to sell officials and concubines, but her dissatisfaction with Cixi s seizure of power has made Guangxu unwilling to show her ambitions. Ci Xi s murder of Princess Zhen was not because of her being extr avagant in luxury and repeated begging , nor because she praised the New Deal , but because she planned to make Guangxu stay in Beijing. If Guangxu could stay in Beijing to preside over the whole situation, Cixi would be exiled, and he would never return to Beijing!

The third argument is that Zhen Fei committed suicide by herself. This statement mainly comes from the word-of-mouth information of the parties. According to the book Mother Empress Dowager Cixi I Know, Long Yu once told the author s grandfather , A lot of people said that I was jealous and told her to be black, so the old queen sent her to the well. Actually, Here s the thing: After being defeated by the Eight-Power Allied Forces, the foreigners army hit Beijing. Without any hope of victory, the old lady moved west. The situation was very urgent because no one knew what the foreigners would do in the end. Wouldnt it burn the Forbidden City like burning Yuanmingyuan? Of course, the westbound cant bring so many people, because it will become a burden because there are too many people. But because Guangxu was the emperor at the time, and I was the queen and the niece of the old lady If you want to take, you can only take me and the emperor. And some other relatives went back t o your mother s house to hide, and the concubines were no exception. But the concubine at the time was very vigorous, did not obey the command of the old queen, and hit the old on the spot. Queen Mother. At that emergency moment, Zhenfei always said to the old queen: I am Guangxu s wife and I want to follow. You are prejudiced, the Queen is your niece, so you take her away. So I also ask you to take me Let s go. After Granny very embarrassing. From another layer of speaking, after the old woman had on weekdays as Zhenfei bit unhappy, plus contradict these times of emergency after Granny white with rage, trembling.

In the imperial palace, for hundreds of years in the Qing Dynasty, no one dared to face such a queen mother, even the emperor has never before, let alone a concubine. The old queen was also a very face-faced person, so she was so angry that she lifted her feet and left. At that time, Zhenfei always followed the old queen to explain her reasons, so she came to the place not far from Zhenfei s residence. At this time, Zhenfei didn t give up , and said to the queen mother, I m Guangxu s wife. I m going to be with the emperor. Alive is royal, dead is royal ghost. The old queen became even more angry when she heard it. There was still time to quarrel over the eyebrows, so she said to Jane: You are willing to die and die. At that time there was a well not far from where I was talking, so Zhenfei took two steps and said, That s the case, I ll die for you. So I went straight to the wellhead. The old lady saw that the situation was not right. The boy hit me a few words. Why did he really die? So he said to Cui Yugui: Hurry up and hold her. But it s too late at this time. When Cui Yugui ran past, Princess Zhen already jumped. The old lady saw that there was nothing she could do. She was worried internally and externally, so she left without having time to control her.

According to this, the book points out that Zhen Fei was not killed by Ci Xi, and those rumors were wrong. In fact, things are far from what people think, because Ci Xi and Zhen Fei are both dead, so people freely put some feces, urinals and urinals on Ci Xi s head. Unlike other viewpoints, the author of this book even points out that, because Zhen Fei is very talented, and very smart and beautiful, Ci Xi likes Zhen Fei very much. In Cixi s view, Zhenfei is a young Cixi, which makes Cixi have a different kind of affection for Zhenfei.

The death of Zhen Zhenfei is undoubtedly another unsolved mystery in the harem of the Qing Dynasty. The records of wild history and oral historical materials are detailed, but the credibility is not as good as the official history, and there are many versions. Suicide or homicide is still unclear.

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