The battle for fame of three famous generals in Chinese history, fame after the first battle, spreads thousands of history.

For five thousand years of Chinese history, heroes have been countless since ancient times. Their names have been deeply imprinted in our culture and blood. There are many people who can be called God of War in Chinese history, only three of them are selected in this article. Let s take a look at the battle of the three gods in the history of China to experience the legend.

For a nation that has stood for thousands of years, our blood is not only flowing with the wonderful hands and hearts of Huaying and Bianchi, but also the bravery and domineering of these famous celebrities.

Xiang Yu, West Chu overlord. After the overthrow of the Qin Dynasty, Liu Bang was named Han King by Xiang Yu and became a vassal of the party. But Liu Bangzhi was in the world, so he invited several other princes to compete against Xiang Yu.

205 In 205 BC, while Chu s elite were all following Xiang Yu cutting, Liu Bang led more than 500,000 coalition forces to attack Chudu Pengcheng. At that time, Peng Cheng had only thousands of old, weak, and disabled soldiers, and it was smashed at the touch. After Liu Bang entered Pengcheng, he was very happy. He ordered Fan Yi to capture the surrounding small cities, forming the momentum of defending the arch, and he was enjoying himself. Xiang Yu was facing a huge dilemma at this time, Qi Guojiu couldn t attack, and his foundation Chu Kingdom was occupied by Liu Bang again. Seeing that he was about to be swallowed by a pinch. However, Xiang Yu deserved to be the overlord . At this time, he actually led 30,000 elite cavalry, and rushed to kill more than 500,000 troops of Liu Bang. If this is replaced by someone else, it is basically tantamount to suicide, but he is Chu Bawang. After Xiang Yu led his army, he attacked Liu Bang at dawn. Liu Bang had no idea that Xiang Yu would come and attack. The position was chaotic. More than 500,000 coalition forces were defeated by Xiang Yu ’s 30,000 iron ride. Run away.

Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty initiated the Battle of Mobei in the four years of Yuanshan. Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty ordered Huo Qubing and Wei Qing led 50,000 Han cavalry and tens of thousands of infantry, respectively, to replace the county and Dingxiang. This battle was the largest decisive battle between the Han Army and the Huns. The Xiongnu had more than 100,000 troops at that time, and their commanders were Yizhi Xiedanyu and King Zuo Xian. Due to Huo Qubing s nearly open performance in the two battles in Hexi, Emperor Wu appreciated the ability of Huo Qubing s illness. Therefore, the deployment of Wu Di was made by Huo Qubing s battle against the Huns and Wei Qing against the Huns left Zuo Xian. However, due to information errors, after Huo Qu s illness went deep into the desert, he failed to meet his most desired opponent, but instead encountered the Huns Zuo Xianxian.

After Huo Huo went to the hospital and went to the hospital, he went deep into Mobei to find the main force of the Xiongnu, captured the Xiongnu minister Zhang Qu alive, slaughtered the King of the North Car, and then attacked the left general and seized the enemy s banner and drums. Later, he crossed Gonglu Shui and captured 83 people including the army, Xianguo, the current household, and the captain. Maybe it was the killing of the heart, maybe the desire for the Huns alone, Huo Quyi led the army to hunt and kill him. If he was in a state of no one, he has been to the Kent Mountains in Mongolia today. It was here that Huo Quyi temporarily paused, and led 50,000 iron riders to perform the ceremony of sacrifice to heaven and earth-the ceremony of sacrificing heaven was held at Langju Mountain, and the ceremony of sacrificial land was held at Guyan Mountain. In the end, he chased back to Hanhai (now Baikal, Russia). During this expedition, Huo Qubing s troops killed more than 70,000 pe ople with a loss of 10,000. Feng Lang Juying also became the supreme glory of later generals.

At the beginning, Zhao Guo s general was old and inferior. He built barriers and couldn t stand out. Over time, Qin Jun was frustrated because of lack of food and grass. However, Zhao Wang fainted, thinking that Lian Po was passively avoiding the war, and rebuked Lian Po several times. King Zhao also heard rumors and ordered Zhao Ku to replace Lian Po Tongtong. At this time, Qin Wang also secretly replaced Bai Qi to go to the front line and kept secret.

Bian Baiqi s weakness against Zhao Kuo s pride in the enemy made Qin Jun pretend to be defeated and lead Zhao Jun out of a solid barrier. Zhao Ku didn t know what the plan was, and ordered Zhao Jun to win and chase , and kept hunting to the front of Qin Army. At this time Bai Qi ordered a 20,000 troops to intersect behind Zhao Jun and cut off Zhao Jun s food road. After more than forty days of Zhao Jun s main food outage, there was a chaos in the interior. Zhao Ku forced a break and was shot dead by the Qin Army s random arrows. As soon as the Lord died, the remaining Zhao Jun surrendered to Bai Qi. Since then, Zhao Guo s vitality has been greatly injured, and he can no longer fight against Qin.

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