The best traitor in Chinese history: hook up with the emperor’s mother and bury the royal cemetery

Not only was he capped by an alien emperor, but he also slept with the emperor s mother, which was basically equal to the emperor s father, and was buried by his emperor beside his parents graveyard after his death!

When Yeluabaoji plundered the Central Plains, Han Zhigu was looted by Shi Luping s brother who participated in the war (the population was wealth at the time, and Han Zhigu was only six years old at the time). He was a domestic slave.

知 Among the many domestic slaves, Han Zhigu has the most outstanding performance. Because he was honest and competent, he was transferred to Yelu Abaoji s house as a dowry when he was married.

In the fourth year of Qian Qianheng (982), Liao Jingzong died at the age of 35. His son Liang Wang Yelu Longxu ascended the throne, and Empress Dowager Xiao Chuo (Yan Yan) regent. This year Han Derang was 42 and Xiao Chuo was 30.

At the critical moment when King Jingzong died and Shengzong was enthroned, Xiao Chuo s orphan and widow, and the kings were standing, the situation was extremely sinister. At this time, it was Han Derang and Yelu Xieying (Xiao Chuo s concubine ) that helped the empress and the new emperor through the difficulties.

According to historical records, Han Derang and Xiao Chuo were lover when they were young. In a certain year, Han Kuangyin had been promised by Xiao Siwen and set a lifetime for the two. However, by accident, the royal family chose the consort for the prince. Ye Luxian fancyed Xiao Fortunately, the descendant Xiao Siwen was also anxious to marry the royal family, so Xiao Chuo was allowed to be assigned to the later Jingzong Ye Luxian.

Although Xiao Chuo married the prince, she found that the prince Ye Luxian suffered from dysentery (as a child, he was frightened the night his grandfather Liao Shizong was killed, so he was sick, maybe it was cramping disease)), I have some regrets.

Xiao Xiaochao is very overbearing. It is said that she also killed Han Derang s daughter-in-law (Lee s), which is equivalent to severing Han Derang s relationship with other women and telling Han Derang to obey herself.

9 In September 999, the Privy Council of the North Academy led Yelu Xie to die, and Han Derang, who was the ambassador of the Qidan South Academy, also knew the ambassador of the North Academy. This is usually known to all. Han Derang , the ambassador to the two houses (Xing Baopu served as the ambassador to the South House for two years), is a veritable prime minister. This year Hande made 49 years old.

12 In December 1004, the Alliance of Yuan Yuan signed, The military forces are relieved and they are monthly division divisions. The queen emperor grants her grandson the King Qi, Han Dechang, surnamed Yelu, and emigrated Wang Jin. Since then, Han Derang changed his name to Yaleu.

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