The childhood of the last emperor in China was so miserable that he was bullied and eaten by a palace girl from an early age

The Empress Dowager Longyu, like Cixi, wanted absolute power. Under the control of Queen Mother Long Yu, Pu Yi lived a miserable life, and she could not even eat enough food.

Pu Yi was born with a bad constitution, suffered from stomach problems, and had poor digestion. At the age of six, the eunuch gave him a bag of freshly fried chestnuts. Pu Yi liked to eat chestnuts and ate a lot of them at once . But those concubines in the palace were dying, especially the Queen Mother Longyu.

Although Puyi shouted hungry every day, no one dared to disobey the order of the queen mother to give Puyi other things. On one occasion, the queen mother ordered people to use a hoe to feed Puyi to feed the fish. Because she was so hungry , she could not help but play with Puyi After inserting a few dry steamed buns into her mouth, after being discovered by Queen Mother Long Yu, the Queen Mother took care of him more strictly, but Pu Yi s desire for food became stronger.

Once, the princes sent tribute to the Queen Mother Longyu. These tribute stopped near Xichang Street. The funeral that strolled around saw it. He smelled the scent and went straight to one of the food boxes. After opening it, it was a full box of sauce elbows. He grabbed one and bit it, but before he swallowed it, he was snatched by the eunuch who followed him.

One month later, Puyi finally returned to her normal diet. One time Puyi ate more spring rolls and supported her. Two eunuchs lifted Puyi s left and right arms and smashed Puyi back and forth on the ground. Puyi was also angry when she was angry. The eunuch went into the small black room, where he shouted no matter how he cried.

After eight years old, Long Yu died and Pu Yi slowly grew up, but he still remembered what the eunuch had done to him. In order to get revenge on those abominable eunuchs, he often pranked the eunuchs. Once he sprayed cold water To an old eunuch, the eunuch was stunned to death.

When Pu Yi was about thirteen years old, the palace woman was arranged to serve him, but due to Pu Yi s usual abuse of the eunuch and the turbulent times, the eunuchs wanted to go home at night, so they gave the funeral to the maids, those maids. Pu Yi was taught to do it in an unrestrained manner, which soon led to Pu Yi s infertility.

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