The earliest boat-canoe _ ancient people’s transportation

Who was the first to invent a canoe? There is no record in history. Perhaps in the forests of ancient times, there were huge trees. When a flash flood broke out, the big trees were washed down and floated on the water. Those who were not drowned by the flood jumped to the trees to escape. After a long practice of crossing the river, people gradually found that hollowing out a section of trees can be made into a durable and flexible vehicle, so canoes appeared.

According to archeologists, canoes appeared as early as the late Paleolithic period about 7000 years ago. The original canoe structure was extremely simple. Generally, a trough-shaped decaying wood was selected and the interior was slightly arranged, or a section The trunk cut off the outside branches and tree branches, and then cut and dug into a groove, and became a canoe.

With the advent of the Neolithic period, canoeing has become widespread in the vast tree-growing areas. At that time, the method of making canoes had obviously improved: take a trunk, except for the part to be excavated, the other surface was coated with a thick layer of wet mud, and then the middle part of the trunk was burned with charcoal with fire and coated with wet The mud was preserved. Then use a stone tool to dig into the trunk layer by layer to repair the growth groove until it reaches the appropriate length and depth.

There is also a legend about canoes. During the ancient Yao and Shun periods, the floods on the ancient land of Shenzhou swamped a large area of ​​land, and the survival of the people was greatly threatened. Yao asked a minister named Xun to control the water, but he failed to manage for nine years. Later, his son Yu accepted Shun s order to control the water. He learned from the experience of his predecessors and adopted a comprehensive treatment method based on dredging and supplemented by blocking. In the vast water, Yu hopes to have a means of transportation. He heard that there was an extraordinarily large azalea in Sichuan, which was as wide as a foot in diameter, and he took the carpenter to cut it. After the tree god knew it, he turned into a boy to stop Yu from logging. Yu could ignore it. He condemned him for a meal, then chopped down the big tree, hollowed it out, and built a large and smart canoe. Yu took the canoe to direct the water control project. After 13 years of hard work, he finally managed the flood.

Today, people have obtained more than 20 canoes through archeological excavations in various places. From these ancient relics, we can see that there were roughly three types of canoes at the time: one was pointed, pointed, and tailed, and there were warps; one was squared, with no warps, and bottomed; The tail is pointed, the boat head is tilted, and the tail is flat. Later, the ship s type was divided into square toe, pointed toe and pointed toe, and the bottom of the ship was divided into flat and pointed bottom. Many people think that they have evolved from canoes.

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