The earliest large reservoir_ancient science and technology exhibition in china

芍 陂 Located 30 kilometers south of the historical and cultural city of Shou County, Anhui, it is the northern foot of the Dabie Mountains. The east, south, and west are high-lying, and the north is low-lying and slopes toward the Huaihe River. In the summer and autumn and rainy seasons, mountain floods occur and floods occur. Drought often occurs when there is little rain. At the time, this was the northern Xinjiang agricultural region of the Chu country. The quality of food production had a great relationship with the local military and civilian needs.

The puppet was built by Sun Shuao. Sun Shuao (630 ~ 593 BC), an outstanding statesman during the Spring and Autumn Period, a famous figure in Chu. He attaches great importance to the people s livelihood economy, formulates and implements relevant policies and decrees, and makes every effort to make agriculture, industry, and Jiaoge convenient. He used Jushui to build water conservancy in Hanxi, and also built a large plain reservoir Haizi in Jiangling. Encourage farmers to go mining in the mountains in autumn and winter, so that the bronze industry has greatly developed. The state of Chu appeared in the heyday of the family is rich, the people are happy, the people are happy and the industry is good, the order is in the dynasty, the line is free, and the fan is rich.

Sun Shuao has been diligent and hardworking since childhood, respects his elders, and honors his mother. He is loved by his neighbors. Once, Sun Shuao went out to play and suddenly saw a double-headed snake crawling on the road. He had heard old people say that whoever saw two snakes would die. Although he was extremely alarmed, in order to prevent others from dying from seeing the two-headed snake, the brave Sun Shuao picked up the big stone on the roadside. He killed the two- headed snake and buried it.

Sun Shuao returned home, thinking that he was going to die soon, and he was very sad, and he kept crying in his mother s arms. The mother was very surprised and asked: Child, what the hell happened to you, crying so sad? Sun Shuao cried and said, Today I saw a double-headed snake. I heard people say that whenever I see this, Anyone who grows snakes will die, and if I die, I will never see you again ..

The mother comforted him and asked, Where is the snake now? Sun Shuao wiped his tears and replied, I m afraid that someone will die if I see it, so I buried it and buried it. Listen After Sun Shuao s words, the mother was very moved. She touched Sun Shuao s head happily and said, Good boy, you are doing right. You are so good-hearted, you will not die. Good people always have good rewards. Sun Shuao He looked at his mother doubtfully and nodded.

Later, when Sun Shuao grew up, he really became a gentleman with high thinking and noble morals. In the fifteenth year of King Chuzhuang (599 years ago), Sun Shuao was worshipped as Ling Yin. After Sun Shu ao made Ling Yin, he made important contributions to the water conservancy construction in Chu. Around the seventeenth year of King Chuzhuang (before 597 years), Sun Shuao presided over and established the earliest water storage and irrigation project in China. It is like a crystalline pearl inlaid on the Jianghuai land, which is a beautiful place.

According to the local topographic characteristics, Sun Shuao organized local people s construction projects to collect the streams flowing down from Jishi Mountain in the east, Longchi Mountain in the southeast, and Longan Mountain in the west of Lu an into the low-lying ridges. Build five water gates and control the water volume with stone gates. When the water rises, open the door to clear it, and when the water disappears, close it to store it. Later, a meridian canal was opened in the southwest, which was connected to the Luan River to expand the irrigation water source of the Luan River, so that the Luan River reached the scale of irrigating ten thousand hectares.

After its completion, Anfeng area produced a large amount of food every year, and it quickly became an important economic place in Chu. The state of Chu became stronger, defeating the powerful Jin army at that time, and King Chuzhuang also became one of the Five Hegemons of Spring and Autumn.

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