The earliest skirt _ ancient clothes

In ancient times, people were naked. Later, because of the cold weather in winter, people began to use animal skin leaves to surround their waists. This became the prototype of skirts and was the earliest human clothing. The ancient Egyptians began to wrap cloth around them or sew them into a simple tube shape, which was the earliest skirt.

According to the Shiming · Shiyi by Liu Xi of the Eastern Han Dynasty, skirts, groups also. That is, many small leaves and animal skins are connected. This is the earliest skirt prototype. According to legend, the earliest Huangdi formulated the system of dress under the skirt, the skirt is a style of skirt. According to the Records of the Five Dynasties records: the ancient clothes of the expensive company, under the skirt with the color of the fate (decorated along the edge said fate); Yao Shun has fallen, there are six broken (broken, analysis also, that is, wrinkles). And straight stitching, all fate; Shang and Zhou are based on its quality, plus flower embroidery, and five colors. There are covered clothes, and later Gavin decorated ears. Emperor Sui Yang made a long skirt, twelve broken, famous fairy skirt. This illustrates the nature of the skirt and its evolution.

During the Spring and Autumn and Warring States Periods, people generally wore deep clothes, and the tops were connected to the lower garments. In the Han Dynasty, many beautiful poems about skirts began to appear, such as the skirt drags six Xiangjiang waters , when sitting in the clothes with slender grass, the skirt is swept away.

After the Wei and Jin dynasties, the number of skirt styles continued to increase, during which colored skirts were popular. Song Book of Yang Xin Biography said: Yang Xin was wearing white practice skirts and sleeping at night. The The skirts of the six dynasties were common costumes for wealthy children. Sometimes known as skirt boy. The skirt style of the Sui Dynasty basically inherited the style of the Northern and Southern Dynasties. The long skirt with hem sloshing was particularly popular in the Sui Dynasty. In the prosperous Tang Dynasty, women s skirts were fashioned with wide skirts.

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