The earliest tea encyclopedia_ancient science and technology exhibition in china

Fuzhou Jingling (now Tianmen City, Hubei). Lu Yu devoted himself to tea all his life and was good at tea ceremony. He is famous for having the world s first monograph on tea, the Tea Classic, and has made outstanding contributions to the development of China s tea industry and the world s tea industry., Respected as tea saint, worshipped as tea god.

According to the Book and Biography of Tang Caizi, Lu Yu became an outcast because of his ugly appearance. Later, he was adopted by the local Longji Temple Zenji master at the shore of West Lake outside Ximen, Tianmen County, Hubei . Lu Yu studied literacy, read Buddhist scriptures, and learned to cook tea and other things in Huang Juan Qing Lantern and Zhong Sheng Fan Yin Middle School. Although he was in the pure land of the Buddhist gate and heard the Sanskrit sounds, Lu Yu did not want to convert to the Dharma and cut his hair as a monk.

When he was 12 years old, Lu Yu escaped from Longgai Temple by being unprepared. Later, Lu Yu met the degraded Li Bu Lang Zhong Cui Guofu, and the two saw each other as they always did, and they often traveled together, drank tea , learned water, and talked about poems. In the fifteenth year of Tianbao (756), Lu Yu traveled to Bashan Gorge to investigate tea. In the first year (758) of Emperor Suzong of the Tang Dynasty, Lu Yu came to Shengzhou ( now Nanjing, Jiangsu), settled in Qixia Temple, and studied tea. He has a strong interest in tea, has long conducted research and investigation, is familiar with tea tree cultivation, breeding, and processing techniques, and is good at pinch. In the first year of the first year of Tang Dynasty (760 years), Lu Yu came to Qixi (now Wuxing, Zhejiang) from the foothills of Qixia. He lived in the mountains, often wearing cloth straw shoes, walking through the mountains and forests , collecting tea, searching for springs, and obtaining the first place in tea production and production First-hand information, all of which laid the foundation for his work on the Tea Classic.

The systematic summary of the scientific knowledge and practical experience of tea before the Tang and Tang dynasties is a comprehensive treatise on the history, origin, current situation, production technology, tea drinking techniques and tea ceremony principles of tea production. Lu Yu observed the growth laws of tea in various major tea areas, observed the processing of tea by tea farmers, further analyzed the quality of tea, and learned a good method of folk tea, summed up a set of rules, he created The set of tea science, tea art, and tea ceremony thoughts have a profound influence on the history of Chinese tea culture.

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