The first knight in Chinese history, it ’s good enough to help anyone who is bullied

Why is history fascinating? It is because it has too many questions waiting for you to solve. In China s 5,000 years of civilization, there may be a special cow task at any time. The cattle are not like people of that era. For example, the discoveries and inventions of art, physics, medicine, military, and architecture in the Han Dynasty were simply incredible. It made people shout that you must have passed through the past!

So what other historical figures in history are suspected to pass through? This has to mention our protagonist Mozi, who is one of the hundreds of Mozis, who is not only good in literature., But also very advanced in science and thought. First of all, his achievements in science are absolutely brilliant. Force, the reason why you are struggling. Stop, Ikuya, this is inertia, but Newton was born more than 1,000 years later.

He aggravates to the side, he must hesitate. If the weights are similar and the weights are balanced, the short mark is long. Two plus 焉, if the weight is more, then the bid will be lowered, and the right will be awarded . It was talking about the principle of leverage, but Archimedes was born more than 200 years later than Mozi. The foot is under the light, so the scenery is above; the first is under the light, and the scenery is below. ——Speaking of small hole imaging. It seems that Mozi had the same mind as Aristotle in the same period, although they had never met. Times are equal to two; flat, same height also; same length, with perfect phase also . Middle, same length also; alas, one middle length also. Mozi coincided with Euclid s geometry.

Moreover, Mozi is not only engaged in science, he is also a very famous thinker. During the Spring and Autumn and Warring States Periods, Mo Zi was the first thinker who dared to deny Heavenly Son. He put forward a very advanced political idea-a democratic coalition government. There is such a sentence in Mo Zi. Shang Tong: It is for this reason that he chose those who are virtuous, sages, and wise in the world, and regarded him as the Son of Heaven . Choose the world to praise the sages, wisdom, wisdom, and wisdom, and think that the three men. The autocratic monarchy was abandoned, the aristocratic privileges were denied, and the people who governed the country were to be elected by democratic voting. This idea is definitely not like an old man. At this time, the capital system did not even have buds.

Xi Mozi is also the first and greatest knight in Chinese history. His Mormon was an international policeman during the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, and he helped anyone who was bullied. His Mermon is the world s earliest environmental protection organization, advocating frugality for the people, and often launching environmental protection activities. His Mormon is also the earliest underworld in China, but he does not charge protection fees, does not open casinos, and does not sell drugs. The biggest habit is to assemble technology models for national exhibitions. Today, gangsters all over the country worship Guan Yu. In fact, they should worship Mozi. In short, Mozi is like everything, thinker, scientist, politician, just like an ancient man!

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