The four great beauties of ancient China, do you know their final outcome?

Xishi was born in the village of Luoluo, Yueguo in the late Spring and Autumn Period. Since the childhood, she has been along the riverside with her mother, so it is also called girl with veil. Xishi often veils on the water and the fish sinks, so there is a saying that the fish sinks. In order to restore the country, the king of Gou Jian devoted Xi Shi to Wu Fufu. After King Wu received the Shih Tzu, he sang songs day and night, abolishing dynasty politics, and eventually his country was destroyed. After Wu s death, Gou Jian believed that Xishi was an unknown person who had lost his country. He believed that the beauty of Xishi was invaded the country, and he would revenge and give Xishi Shenjiang the death.

Yao Wang Zhaojun, now from Xingshan County, Yichang City, Hubei Province. In 38 BC, she was elected to the court as a private woman and became a palace maid. In 33 BC, the Xiongnu came to Han Dynasty to call for Han people . Emperor Yuan then gave Zhao Han to Hu Han Xiedan Yu. Zhaojun bid farewell to his homeland and went north. The beautiful woman on the road made the flying geese from the south forget the swinging wings and fell on Pingsha, so they are called falling geese . Wang Zhaojun and Hu Hanxie Dan were married for only two years, and Hu Hanxie Yu died. According to Hu custom, Wang Zhaojun is going to marry the eldest son of Hu Hanxiedanyu. Wang Zhaojun is unwilling to ask to return to his native land, but Emperor Hancheng requires her to follow Hu custom. Zhao Jun had to marry Diao Tao Mo Yan to live together for 11 years. After the death of Diao Tao Mo, Zhao Jun lived alone since then. Twenty years later, 53 -year-old Wang Zhaojun died in depression and was buried in today s Hohhot.

According to legend, when Diao Chan worshipped the moon in the back garden, a breeze came suddenly, and a bright cloud covered the bright moon. After seeing this scene by her righteous father, Wang Yun, Wang Yun praised her daughter as being more beautiful than the moon, and she would hide when she saw the moon. Later Wang Yunding set up a series of beauties. First, he assigned Diao Chan to Lu Bu, and then secretly let Diao Chan become Dong Zhuo s puppet, and the relationship between Dong Zhuo and Ruble was alienated. Lu Bu rushed to the crown and became angry, and then beheaded his father Dong Zhuo, and Diao Chan made Lu Bu s chamber as a matter of course. Three Kingdoms. Guan Yu records: After Bai Menlou Lu Bu died, Guan Yu got Diao Chan, but was not fascinated by her beauty and did not kill her, but sent Diao Chan back to the rural fungus village (today s wood Zhicun), where Diao Chan vegetarian fasted, devoutly worshipped the Buddha, and never married again.

Yang Yuhuan, born in Chengdu, is born with beauty, gentle personality, proficient in music, and good at singing and dancing. Once, Yang Yuhuan and the palace ladies went to the palace to enjoy the flowers. They accidentally encountered mimosa, and the leaves of the grass immediately rolled up. The maids all said that this was the beauty of Yang Yuhuan, which made the flowers and plants self-defeating and shameless. So it s called Shame Flower . Yang Yuhuan met Li Su at the first sight of a princess wedding, and Li Ju fell in love with him at first sight. Later Emperor Xuanzong of Tang Dynasty set her as Princess Shou. After Tang Xuanzong s concubine Wu Huifei died, Tang Xuanzong summoned Yang Guifei into the harem. Hou Xuanzong Book set Yang Yuhuan as a concubine. During the Anshi Rebellion, Tang Xuanzong fled to Chengdu with Yang Yuhuan. When he passed by Ma Yiyi (now west of Xingping City, Shaanxi Province), the soldiers driving the army agreed that the noble concubine was the beaut y of the country and demanded that he be executed. Congratulated Yang Guifei. In the end, Yang Guifei died at the age of thirty-eight under the pear tree of the Buddhist temple.

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