The largest religious war in ancient China

In the period between the eastern and Western Han Dynasties, the biggest battle should be the Kunyang battle between the two Han Dynasties.

Wang Mang used the power of the whole country to organize a huge army of about 400000. In the heyday of the Han Dynasty, the Emperor Wudi organized only 200000 people in the battle of the northern expedition of the Huns because of the long way. In the battle of Chibi in the Three Kingdoms period, Cao Cao organized nearly 200000 troops.

But who is the founder of Taoism? Many people will say it’s Laozi. But in fact, Laozi is not the founder of Taoism. I never said that I wanted to establish a religion or that I was a God. He only regarded himself as an ordinary scholar, who was later called the founder of Taoism. In the true history of Taoism, the earliest Taoist organizations were Taiping Taoism in Zhangjiao and Wudu Taoism in zhangdaoling in the same period. Zhang Jiao is the first founder of Taoism.

In fact, if we only use one sentence of “religion” to explain Zhang Jiao’s success, it seems too simple. Just the so-called religious worship can’t explain how taipingdao replaced the huge civil service of the Han government. Although religion has great attraction and binding power to the people, it omits the step of government’s jurisdiction and instruction to the people. But it still can’t fly over the countless mountains and fields of the Empire. It still needs a large number of missionaries and administrators to bring believers out of the countryside one by one, organize them to act and take care of their food and clothing.

So the cause and effect of the event is clear: the Buddhist monk group inherited from India just appeared in China, and its advanced religious system was immediately discovered and quickly imitated by smart people like Zhang Jiao and Zhang Daoling. Therefore, Taiping Taoism has directly skipped the development process of Buddhism for six hundred years. Ten years ago, there was no religious shadow in China. After ten years, the Taiping Road of 400000 people suddenly emerged. Because of the leaping development of Taiping Road, the officials of Han Dynasty had no experience to prepare and were very slow to respond to the blatant uprising of Huangjin army.

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