The most perfect God of War in Chinese history, no defeat in life, and became a god after death

Either, Gong Gao Zhenzheng, make the emperor jealous, and the end is terrible, such as Bai Qi, Han Xin. Or, they were killed by the emperor because of pride, arrogance, arrogance, loss of fame, such as Lan Yu and Nian Yaoyao.

Either, Ying Nian s early death is sighing, such as Huo Qubing s illness. Or, it is too worldly and lacks distinctive personality, such as Wei Qing. Either they are not trusted by the emperor, or they are not trusted by new emperors, such as Le Yi and Meng Tian.

Although civil and military all-round talents are perfect, they lack far-reaching military records and military talents, such as Guo Ziyi. Although Guo Ziyi can be regarded as a generation of famous men, his military merit is inferior to Li Guangying.

So, looking at the most perfect in Chinese history, I m afraid it s Li Jing. Li Jing has not been beautified, and he has done a great job, and Wen Tao and Wu Lu are both in and out of phase. Whether it is strategy, tactics, track record, or character, character, and pattern, they are all first-class. In addition, Li Jing also received a good ending and was deeply trusted by the emperors of Tang Gaozong and Tang Taizong.

In fact, in an authoritarian imperial society, there are very few ancient gods of war who can enjoy their old age and end their lives. Bai Qi, Xiang Yu hang themselves, Han Xin is killed, Huo Quyi, Zhou Yu died early, Yuan Chonghuan was killed by five horses, and so on.

Li Jing was born in the house of the government officials. His uncle was the famous military general Han Suihu of the Sui Dynasty. 舅舅 Han Qinhu likes Li Jing very much. Every time he talks with him about military affairs, he claps his hands.

It is said that this man had high ambitions since he was a child. He once told his father: If a big husband encounters the monarch and the age of the Ming Dynasty, he should establish a career and seek riches, so why should he be a scholar.

Because of his family background, Li Jing became an official very early. When Li Jing was serving as a prefecture in Mayi, he saw that Tang Guogong Li Yuan had dissidents and wanted to rebel. So he disguised himself as a prisoner and went to Jiangdu , preparing to report to Emperor Sui Yang.

However, when Li Jing arrived in Changan, Guanzhong was in a mess. Soon, Li Yuan s rebel army captured Chang an and captured Li Jing. Later, King Qin Li Shimin appreciated Li Jing so much and was called into the shogunate.

Since then, Li Jing has followed Li Shimin s life and has achieved great success. Li Jing has three famous credits in his life: Wu in Nanping, East Turkees in the North and Tutu in the West.

靖 When facing these opponents, Li Jing can calmly analyze and adopt different strategies according to the different characteristics of the opponent, adapting to local conditions and taking advantage of the situation. Then achieve a minimum and minimum cost to achieve the greatest victory, this is what the art of warfare says, a soldier who is defeated without fighting.

For example, when Xiao Liang was attacked in the south, Li Jing formulated ten policies. Although they had endured many difficulties, they finally surrendered them. When Lingnan was conquered in the south, Li Jing knew that these were Southern Mansions. It was nothing more than interest. Therefore, he took reassurance and saw the blood sacrifice, and the opponent welcomed it.

In the time of deciding to assist the public servant, Li Jing quickly won with a thunderbolt. When destroying the Turks, Li Jing, while attacking, took political measures to disintegrate and disintegrate. Fighting the Tuyuhun in the west, Li Jing knew that Tuyuhun was not a good stubble, so he pursued it all the way until it was eliminated.

靖 Li Jing s conquest of Turks in the north and Tumuhun in the west allowed the development of Datang s territory to the north and west. The territory of Datang was able to reach the Aral Sea to the west and Lake Baikal to the north .

After six years of Wu De, after Li Jingping s peasant uprising leader was assisted by his grandfather, Tang Gaozu Li Yuan sighed with admiration: Ancient famous Han Xin, Bai Qi, Wei Qing, Huo went to the hospital, none of them can be compared to Li Jing!

This Since then, Li Jingshen s Tang Gaozong trusted. Later, after Li Shimin became emperor, Li Jing continued to be reused. During his life, Li Jing never participated in any political faction, focused on his responsibilities, and showed loyalty to the court and emperor with military exploits. Li Jing knows how to advance and retreat freely, indifferent to fame and fortune, when to go up, when to retreat, and never take pride in himself.

After Li Jing retired, he heard the court expedition to Tuguhun. Regardless of his age, he immediately wrote to him and asked to be in charge. After he succeeded, Li Jing was a self-defeating guard against all guests, although relatives must not advance arbitrarily in the face of being framed by him. In the end, the Qing person cleared himself.

Finally, Li Jing s most perfect point is to be able to theorize practice so that future generations can learn. Li Jing is not only a doer, but also a theorist and thinker.

靖 Li Jing wrote a number of military books such as Li Jing Six Army Mirror based on his life during the battle, but most of them have been lost. It is said that a book called the Seven Books of Wujing has been handed down and is one of the representative works of ancient military science.

After Li Jing s death, he was listed by Tang Xuanzong and Tang Suzong as one of the top ten generals in Chinese history, accompanied by the Temple of Emperor Wucheng. This is unique in the history of China, and it was deified in the late Tang Dynasty. Become a generation of God of War, this is not even Guan Yu.

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