The mystery of the dwarf tribe

The Nile Basin has abundant rainfall throughout the four seasons, and the climate is cool. The lush foliage in the virgin forest covers the sky, but the ground is muddy. There is a dwarf country in this mangyuan. In fact, this is a dwarf nomadic tribe. None of the men and women of the entire tribe are taller than 1.2 meters. This tribe lives in an environment that often does not see the sun, and the viper beasts here always appear. The tribe, like other tribes, has lived under British colonial rule for 50 years, so they tasted like Gao Small war, so always avoid contact with all outsiders and foreign tribes, and even afraid of dealing with nearby tall tribe, which made them completely blockade themselves . They speak Swahili like the indigenous peoples of East African countries. In the tribe, there is no leader and no religion.

The dwarves of the Dwarf Country also have a physiological characteristic that the process of growing from child to adult is short. They are usually naked, and only seniors wear a short apron or a piece of concealed cloth a few centimeters below the navel. Adult men have a few beards. Their bodies are similar to other African black races, except that these dwarfs are too short, with high foreheads, deep concave eyes, and their lips are particularly thick. Up. Most of them were stubborn and reserved, their expressions were rigid and solemn, and only those young dwarves showed occasional smiles.

里 In the deep mountains and dense forests on the borders of the Republic of Congo, Gabon and Cameroon in Central Africa, there is still a primitive tribe that is almost isolated from the world. They are Pygmies, one of the shortest human races in the world, commonly known as little people. The average height of adult men of this group is only 1.42 meters to 1.45 meters, and women are generally about 10 cm shorter than men. Their skin tone is lighter than that of ordinary black people, and they are usually naked. They only have a narrow cloth around their waists and weigh less than 40 kg. The Pygmy social division of labor is very clear, men hunt, women gather wild fruits. Their houses are also very rudimentary, with cones made of branches and some wormwood. Because they live in tropical virgin forests, they develop quickly, mature early, and have a short life span. The average life expectancy is about 30 years old. Both men and women can marry at about 11 years old.

The Agata are one of the last primitive tribes. They live on the shores of the island of Luzon in the Philippines and on the mountains of Madre, and belong to the small black race. Agata are short and black. They make a living by hunting animals. Food also includes fish, honey and fruits. Malnutrition and disease have reduced their population. Although they are herbalists, their population has decreased by 25% over the past three decades.

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