The Mystery of the Old County Ping Site in Yunyang County, Chongqing

Archaeologists of the Three Gorges Cultural Relics have achieved important results at the Ping site in Jiuxian County, Yunyang, Chongqing, and more than a thousand pieces of cultural relics have been excavated. Experts believe that these cultural relics not only outline the origins of Han and Jin ao Ren County, but also fill a gap in the history of ancient Pakistan.

The Pingji County Ping site is located in Shuangjiang Town, 15 kilometers southwest of Yunyang County, with an area of ​​about 1 million square meters and an altitude of 145 meters to 175 meters.

The most unearthed relics are foundry molds, molds, residual furnaces, etc. related to smelting, and a large number of rope tiles, pottery beans, pots, etc. are unearthed at the same time. Most of the castings are ceramic and also stone. The unearthed types are knives, hoe, hoe, chisel and so on. Ge s shape is typical of the Central Plains Warring States period style, while the axe is a Pakistani 钺 -shaped axe. The coexistence of Chu-style tripods , jojoba tiles, beans, and flower pots common in eastern Sichuan also appeared in the pottery, reflecting the frequent cultural exchanges and collisions at that time.

It is worth noting that archaeologists found a clay pot with 朐 at the bottom and a word Koujun at the site after discovering the seal of 朐 朐 朐 印 in Lijiaba, Yunyang. Sealing mud. Experts believe that these results lay the foundation for the next step to confirm the location, urban layout, and architectural characteristics of Hanyu Ren County, further study the functions of the site, and restore the site s appearance.

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