The Mystery of the Warring States Tombs-Knowledge Library

The most complete Warring States Period Tombs in Shandong Province was excavated during construction at a construction site in Xintai City. After the coffin that had been buried for more than 2,000 years was opened, it was identified by experts as the Warring States Noble Tombs.

There are three tombs in the Qiang Tomb Group, which are distributed in a pin shape, all about 8 meters from the ground. The three tombs are all in the east-west direction. Due to the damage of the excavator, the cultural relics of No. 1 Tomb No. 1 have been unearthed. More than 50 cultural relics such as bells, carriages, weapons and weapons were unearthed during the Warring States Period. According to preliminary statistics, the three ancient tombs discovered and excavated all have coffin tombs. According to archeologists, nearly 300 intact and repairable artifacts were unearthed from this tomb group, mainly bronze weapons such as Ge, spear, sword, as well as a small amount of pottery, jade, Che Ge with inscriptions, and Relics such as agate s glittering agate accessories.

Archeologists found that the tomb No. 3 was preserved intact during the excavation. The entire structure of the coffin was clear and there were no visits from grave stealers. This is the first case in Shandong Province. On the south side of the coffin , there are two complete Tatar bones, two bones side by side, one with the head east and the other with the west foot. In addition, archeologists found a strange phenomenon in Tomb No. 2, the tomb is not on a flat surface, one is high, the other is low. This is very rare in similar Warring States tombs. On the east side of the coffin, there are necklaces The skeleton of the walking dog, experts determined that the couple were buried together.

The discovery of this tomb not only proves the distribution of ancient tombs again, but also provides a basis for the protection and development of cultural relics in the area. The excavation of many exquisite funeral items was of great value for studying the socio-economic conditions , productivity levels, and burial system at that time.

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