The Mystery of Zhou Yuan’s Cast Copper Ruins |

Archaeologists carried out a key excavation on a workshop site near the Zhuangbai Lijia Village in the Zhouyuan site between Fufeng and Qishan, and found more than 1,500 pieces of Tao Fan and a large number of copper-related relics. Among these Tao Fans, there are nearly 700 pieces of bronze utensils that can be identified, such as Ding, Pu, Zun, etc. Experts confirmed that this workshop site should be a copper-casting site and may be used throughout the Western Zhou Dynasty. This is the second Western Zhou copper found site in China following the Luoyang Beiyao copper foundry site.

In addition, the cultural relics department also found two chama pits near the cast copper site. One of them was buried with two horses and one vehicle, and its vehicle and horse were decorated with a large number of bronze ornaments. This is also the most well-preserved vehicle structure and the richest information on the vehicle and horse ornaments in the vehicle and horse pit found at the Zhouyuan site so far. It provides important material information for the study of the horse and horse system of the Western Zhou Dynasty.

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