The one with the worst policy level among the founding emperors of China has implicated future generations?

. Among the founding emperors of all dynasties, Sima Yan was the worst. Seriously, the reason why Sima Yan can unify the whole country is not how strong he is. It was because he had a good foundation to take over the market. Relying on the solid foundation of the Central Plains, Sima Yan finally eliminated the Soochow regime. However, Sima Yan also left a lot of hidden dangers.

Since the coup d etat by Sima Yi, the actual power of Wei State has been in the hands of the Sima family. After Sima s death, Sima Shi and Sima Zhao successively took over. In 263 AD, Sima Zhao annihilated the Shu Han regime in a blast. But two years later, Sima Zhao died of a sudden stroke. The cause of Sima Zhao s death has been controversial. Some scholars believe that Sima Yan poisoned his father. After Sima Yan took over, he first forced the Emperor Wei to abdicate, and then established the Western Jin Dynasty himself. At that time, although the Shuhan regime was dead, the Soochow regime and the Western Jin Dynasty were still fighting.

In terms of strength, the Western Jin Dynasty had an absolute advantage. In terms of population and total troop strength, the Western Jin Dynasty is more than twice that of the Eastern Wu. The reason why the Soochow regime was able to confront Western Jin for more than 10 years was basically to rely on its own powerful navy. From a personal point of view, Sima Yan is a little stronger than Sun Wu Emperor Sun Hao. However, compared with Cao Cao and Liu Bei, Sima Yan has a big gap . If Sima Yan lived in a melee situation in the late Eastern Han Dynasty, he would not even have the ability to split the party. Relying on the family base left by his grandfather and father, Sima Yan eventually destroyed the Soochow regime.

At that time, Sima Yan made a very big mistake. In order to deter the remnants of Shu Han and Dong Wu, Sima Yan sealed the children of the Sima family as kings. After the children of the Sima family arrived in various places, they had military power and financial authority in various places, and the situation of separatist rule in the early Western Han Dynasty appeared again. When Sima Yan started to split, many officials opposed it. Because in the Western Zhou and Western Han dynasties, there were cases where the princes were in the same room, such as the chaos of the seven kings in the Western Han dynasty. However, Sima Yan did not heed the suggestion. In the end, these Sima children still destroyed their homes.

I have another problem that cannot be ignored, and that is the heir problem. Sima Yan s prince, Sima Zhong, was a dementia. At that time, a minister suggested that Sima You should be established as the heir. Sima You is the younger brother of Sima Yan, very clever, and some are similar to Cao Chong. However, Sima Yan always wanted to pass the throne to his family, and he was always reluctant to pass the throne to Sima You. This situation has repeatedly occurred. During the Northern Song Dynasty, Zhao Guangyi killed two nephews and younger brothers in order to pass the throne to his son.

After Sima Yan died, the fool s son, Sima Zhong, succeeded, and this was the famous Emperor Jin Hui in Chinese history. The queen Jia Nanfeng colluded with the foreign princes, and finally caused the rebellion of the eight kings. The war consumed a great deal of power in the Western Jin Dynasty, and then the nomadic tribes in the north began to move south. Everyone should be very clear about this history. Then, the Central Plains region fell, the Western Jin Dynasty perished, and Sima Rui, a child of the Sima family, fled to Jiangnan to establish the Eastern Jin Dynasty. Seriously, this series of events has a lot to do with Sima Yan s wrong policy.

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