The poorest sour emperor in Chinese history

Wear a pair of straw shoes to go to the office and patch the dragon robes. After being an emperor for 23 years, he didnt build the palace, he didnt build a garden, he didnt add a guard of honor, and he didnt even add a dog or horse. Disturb people in any way. In the second year of his succession, he instructed the audit department to count Changan s common horses and transfer the excess animal power to the station. He himself practiced and saved, the palace was old and no longer renovated; the garden forest was small and no longer expanded. At the time, the place for the banquet was not enough, and he needed to build another terrace, but he frowned when he saw the budget and required hundreds of gold, saying, This is equal to the property of ten middle-class families, which is too extravagant., No more.

Alas, the fourth son of Liu Bang, the founding emperor of the Western Han Dynasty. In 197 BC, under the recommendation of 33 courtiers including Xiao He, Liu Heng, seven, was named acting king. Liu Heng s mother, Bo Shi , and finally Liu Bangshi, have always been among the Zhu Ji and have never risen to the rank of Mrs., so that her mother and son can escape the persecution of Lu Hou and live in peace. In 188 BC, Emperor Han Hui, who was only 22 years old, died early. Lu Hou separated Liu Gong and Liu Hong as emperors. Offspring, so it is not recognized by Zhengshi). In 180 BC (8 years after Lü), Lü Hou died, and the court became chaotic. The King Qi brothers sent troops to Lu, and Taiwei Zhou Bo and his prime minister Chen Ping also responded when they saw the situation. . The heroes sent the fear of the king to be strong, and the greedy king was lonely and supported. In 180 BC, Liu Heng ascended the throne as the third emperor in the history of Western Han Dynasty (if counting the above-mentioned pre and post young emperors, it was the fifth) Han Wendi; in 157 BC, Han Wendi Liu Heng collapsed, He was 23 years old and 46 years old. He was buried in Baring (now east of Chang an District, Shaanxi Province). His temple name was Taizong and his emperor Xiaowen was the protagonist.

The Northern Song writer Wu Yan s Five General Chronicles has such a record: Emperor Han Heng of the Han Dynasty used do not look at the country by acting . The earliest name of straw shoes was 叫 . Because the straw shoe material is mainly grass and linen, it is very economical, and it is inexhaustible and inexhaustible, ordinary people can bring their own. It was called not borrowing by the Han Dynasty. At the time of the Emperor Hanwen, he already had cloth shoes, and the straw sandals had been reduced to the clothing of the poor. However, the Emperor Liu Heng of the Han Dynasty used do not look at the court. Not only the straw shoes, but also his dragon robe, also known as 绨 衣, 绨 was a kind of very rough and dim silk at the time. This kind of dragon robe was worn for many years and was old, so the queen would make up for it and wear it again.

Emperor Wu Hanwen himself wears coarse cloth, not to mention, the harem is also plain clothes. At that time, Guifu people were very fashionable in mopping the floor, and in order to save fabric, even if he gave his favorite wife, he was not allowed to drag the hem to the floor. The tents and curtains in the palace had no embroidery and no lace.

The Palaces where the ancient emperors lived had to be built with large and beautiful terraces to enjoy the scenery. Emperor Hanwen also wanted to build a terrace. He found the craftsmen and asked them how much they should spend. The artisans said, Not much, a hundred catties of gold is enough. Emperor Han Wen was surprised, and asked quickly: How many households of this hundred catties of gold would be the property of a moderate family? The artisans were rough After calculating for a while , he said, Ten households. Emperor Han Wen heard it, shook his head and waved his hand again, and said, Don t build a terrace anymore. Now the court has very little money. Save it. Sima Qian said in Historical Records recorded: Wendi throne for twenty-three years in the palace room court dog horse clothes imperial gain . The palace room is the palace building, the garden is the royal garden and the place for the royal family to hunt and play, the dogs and horses are the animals and f acilities used by the emperor for entertainment, and the service is the clothing and ceremonies for the emperor. These are essential for emperors to talk about pomp, show majesty, and have fun. Most of the emperors attach great importance to them. However, for twenty-three years when Emperor Wen was the emperor, he did not build a palace, did not build gardens, did not add ceremonies for vehicles, or even dogs and horses.

The Emperor Han Wen repeatedly banned the county from contributing rare and precious treasures, and the emperor was never a collector. He can also care about the sufferings of the people. Soon after he became emperor, he ordered that the state should support the elderly who are over 80 years old and give them rice, meat and wine every month. Send some linen, satin and silk cotton and make them clothes. During spring ploughing, Emperor Han Wen personally brought the ministers down to the farm, and the queen also led the palace ladies to pick mulberries and raise silkworms.

He Before he died, he finally arranged a frugal event-his funeral. In his widow, he rebuked the vulgar customs of thick burials, and asked for a simple funeral for himself, and treated his destination Baling, expressly requesting: All should be pottery, not gold, silver, copper and tin. Do not bother the people. Beiling mountains and rivers should not be changed for any reason, that is, according to the original conditions of the mountains and rivers, according to local conditions, build a humble cemetery, do not build civil engineering because of building their own tombs, change the original appearance of the mountains and rivers.

During the reign of Emperor Han Wen, he was frivolous and even exempted from national land grant for 12 years. He also cultivated himself and set an example for the world, which promoted the rapid recovery and development of productivity. Politically, the centralization of power was strengthened internally, the state power was consolidated, the relationship with South Vietnam and the Huns was properly handled externally, the comfort policy of Zhao Yue, the king of South Vietnam, was implemented, and the frontier forces were strengthened while the Huns were implementing the kinship policy. The Huns invaded the Chinese territory three times, and the Emperor Hanwen sent troops in time to fight back the powerful enemy. Emperor Han Wen abolished Yan Xing s harsh laws, took the lead in enforcing legal judgments, and knew good people, was open-minded, and promoted the reuse of talents, which enabled the Han Dynasty to gradually prosper from the country s initial determination and laid a solid foundation for Han Wudi s sweep of the Quartet.

An emperor like this who has lived a life of frugality, frugality, and diligent administration, and constantly improved policies to make the country strong and wealthy, is rare in history. Because of the spirit of honesty and love of the emperor Han Wen and the practice of optimizing governance, the prosperous age of the rule of Wenjing was created. According to historical records, at that time the money in the treasury was innumerable, and the ropes worn were rotten; the grain in the grain silos was piled up year after year, and all the grain came outside the silos. Therefore, Sima Qian spoke highly of Emperor Han Wen, saying: Death is the best virtue, Why not be kind! It seems that the emperor did what Han Wendi did. You think, the emperor didnt eat well and dress well, and didnt want to spend money, wasnt he a vain? But the common people like it, thinking about you forever. Later, the Red Eyebrow Army invaded Chang an, and all the tombs of the emperors were dug, ex cept that the tomb of the Emperor Han Wen was not touched because he knew that there was nothing good in it.

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