This Chinese man, Einstein, was willing to admire the disadvantage. He only did one thing after living for 112 years, but it was remembered by the whole world.

January 14th is the first anniversary of the death of Mr. Zhou Youguang. To commemorate him, on this day, Google purposely replaced the logo with the Chinese character Google on the web pages of the world, and also translated the Chinese pinyin Gǔ Gē .

A similar commemoration appeared on Google ’s search homepage before, all of which are events that changed the course of human history, or great men who have made outstanding contributions to human beings. Let’ s see who has:

In the eyes of foreigners, this deceased Chinese man has a status as famous as masters such as Einstein and Chaplin. But how many people in the country know?

He lived for a century and experienced all the processes of China for nearly a century. He went through the four periods of the Manchu government, the Beiyang government, the national government, and the New China.

He has too many labels: the writer Shen Congwen s brother-in-law, the talented woman Zhang Yunhe s husband, an economist, a linguist, and a philologist. Proficient in Chinese, English, French, Japanese …

During this period, he has seen Einstein twice. Two people of different nationalities and skin colors talked very well, and they agreed on many things. They cherished each other in that turbulent time.

In 1949, the founding of New China was awaiting prosperity. Zhou Youguang resolutely gave up his superior life abroad, returned to work with his wife and children, and served as an economics teacher at Fudan University.

The turning point appeared in 1955. This year, he received an unexpected invitation: Premier Zhou Enlai personally called him to attend a national text reform conference, and strongly recommended that he create a Chinese character alphabet system.

Twenty years ago in 1958, he and his colleagues worked together for three years to formally launch the Hanyu Pinyin Plan. Since then, Chinese has opened a new chapter.

Although the pronunciation of Mandarin is very complicated, it uses 26 letters and 4 phonetic symbols to cover all the characters, which is convenient and concise, and greatly reduces the communication cost.

It is his craftsmanship and optimism that make it easier for Chinese people to use Chinese and advance the reading ability of school-age children by at least two years.

The Zhang family at that time was a famous family, while the Zhou family was only a small family. Because of the disparity in family status, Zhou Youguang once hesitated. He wrote to Zhang Yunhe: I am poor, I m afraid I can t give you happiness.

A 100-year-old New Manuscript, a 104-year-old Chaowen Daoji, a 105-year-old Shibi Collection, a 108-year-old Zhou Youguang Collection, and a 110-year-old dynasty like Zhou Youguang s century-old dictation.

Someone divided his life into three stages: he was a banker before the age of 50; he was a linguist from the age of 50 to 85; he devoted all his energy to the field of language and literature; and after the age of 85 he was an enlightenment thinker.

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