Throughout Li Zicheng’s life, what are the important reasons for Li Zicheng’s failure?

He fought for 18 years with soldiers and ended up as emperor for 42 days. After a long-term struggle with the Ming Army for more than 10 years, it became a major event, but quickly failed after entering Beijing, and there was no fighting back. In the eyes of many historians, Li Zicheng is a temporary worker in the emperor s business, and does not count as a staff official employee.

Throughout Li Zicheng s life, he stepped from being a celebrity baby to ceo step by step, marrying Bai Fumei, and finally ascended the throne as the emperor reached the pinnacle of life, full of legendary colors. Unfortunately, he did not complete the transformation of the peasant uprising like Liu Bang and Zhu Yuanzhang, and eventually performed a tragedy. What are the important reasons for Li Zicheng s failure?

Those who have won the hearts of the people since ancient times, the bandits and the disaster caused by them are ravaging this imperial capital. Li Zicheng ransacked former ministers in the former North Korea, slaughtered and killed innocent people, and launched a campaign in Beijing.

If you say that you are venting your personal indignation against corrupt officials of the Ming Dynasty, then, if you start with innocent people, you will completely expose the bandit of the peasant army. They did start to take advantage of the looting. The so-called murderless days, even the soldiers looting civilians. The looting was not counted, and a new policy was stipulated: Let the five families support a thief, plunge into prostitution, the people are poisonous, and strangle each other . Of course, for innocent people, Emperor Zhu Ming is not a good thing, but, The front door drives the tiger, the back door enters the wolf, and there is no good life.

There are many reasons for Li Zicheng s failure, but the failure of intellectual policies must be said to be one of the important factors. The lower-level intellectuals, who have been living in the countryside or between rivers and lakes for a long time , not only lack the experience of leading soldiers to fight and learn from political states, but also have a narrow vision and cannot accurately grasp the national situation and its direction.

If Li Zicheng can learn from the lessons of history, after gaining a foothold, corporal sages like Liu Bang and Zhu Yuanzhang will gather intellectuals widely, especially high-level intellectuals who have insights and can accurately judge the situation in the country and propose corresponding countermeasures . When listening to their opinions on major strategic principles and policies, you can make fewer or no mistakes, stabilize the rule of the Dashun regime, block and defeat the offensive of the Qing dynasty, and unite the whole country.

Since Li Zichengjun arrived in Beijing in March of the lunar calendar (April and May in the Gregorian calendar). It is not surprising that Chongzheng s Royal Forest Army lost its combat power in a short time due to the high mortality of the plague. After Li Zicheng s army entered Beijing, he was infected with the plague, and his natural combat effectiveness was greatly reduced. Of course, he could not beat the Qing soldiers, although his number was far lower than himself. And the defeated soldiers became the source of the plague-the literature records that the thief is plagued everywhere.

Mole plague spread in the barracks, and for a long time it was impossible to get rid of it. Li Zicheng suffered a devastating blow to his spirit, so he lost his life and fell into a slump.

Li Zicheng s generals, such as Liu Zongmin, Li Guo, Gao Yigong, Tian Jianxiu, Liu Fangliang, Yuan Zongdi, Liu Tichun, Li Shuangxi, Zhang Ye, Gu Kecheng, Ma Shiyao, Wu Ruyi, Li You, Li Qiang, are all eight teams Old man. On the one hand, these people were able to conquer the war and made great contributions to the Dashun regime; on the other hand, objectively leading to Li Zicheng only trusted his Shaanxi fellow was not conducive to unity of the team.

Laoshantouism finally fell into the dead. In Pingyang, Li Yan volunteered to ask for a new situation in Henan. Li Zicheng thought of Li Yan s Henan identity, but instead thought that Li Yan wanted to get rid of Li Zili and kill Li Yan . It was Niu Venus who rebelled in the near future to kill Li Yan. Li Yan is a rare clear-headed person in the Dashun Army. When he died, the army became even more eccentric.

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