Western China is mysterious

Regarding the legendary historical meeting between Queen Mother Xi and King Zhou Mu, there are actually other interpretation scripts. Some people say that Queen Mother West is actually a queen from a foreign country, which is the legendary Queen of Sheba. Queen Sheba is a queen in Western legends. It is said that she is the queen of a certain tribe in the Arab and Indian areas. She has a beautiful appearance and a smart mind. At a summit meeting, it was said that the two still had a relationship, but the last relationship ended without any problems.

The amazing coincidence is that Queen Sheba, this Shi and the Western pronunciation is similar, and Pakistan, Fang s ancient sound, so translated this way, Queen Sheba is also the Western Queen. The country she governs is in Yemen. The name of King Zhou Muman is Full, and the full name is Zhou Muman. The ancient pronunciation of Zhou Muman is the same as Solomon. Is this just a coincidence? Until modern times, Ethiopia still claimed to be the blood of Solomon and Queen Sheba.

About Queen Mother Xi, we still only have a vague understanding of her. No matter from history or some physical evidence, she is obviously a Chinese myth about the West. At that time, on the Mediterranean coast, from the south of Europe to the west of Asia and the north of Africa, there was indeed a faith called earth Mother faith. The Mother Earth belief is about a goddess. Recently a new excavation material is very interesting. In Turkey between Europe and Asia, a clay statue was found. The clay statue was a goddess. She was sitting, her hands were naturally placed, and an animal was on one side of her body. How many years does this statue have? 7000 years ago is equivalent to our early Banpo.

This goddess is a figure in a myth on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It is older than any goddess we know in China today. China s Hongshan culture has unearthed large temples, and many goddesses have been unearthed. For thousands of years, we are talking about the West King, the Queen Mother of the West, whether it is her or not. why? Because we dont have complete materials now, we can only rely on imagination to fill the gaps in the middle. The goddess belief in the Mediterranean Near East is very long and tenacious. After Monotheistic Christianity entered this area, the goddess faith successfully transformed the original doctrine. This is the Catholic Virgin Mary worship. According to legend, Maria died in Ephesus, Asia Minor. It is precisely the center of the original worship of the goddess Diana. Whether this strong belief has affected China eastward, or an unsolved mystery, we may see clues from the legend of the Queen Mother of the West.

In ancient times, as the knowledge of the Chinese became wider and wider, and their interaction with the surroundings became more and more, the concept of the West of the Chinese gradually became more and more distant. So that Kunlun finally moved to Xinjiang in the end, which was the farthest place the ancients could imagine at that time. Later, this Kunlun moved westward. Where did it go? In the historical records, it is said that Zhang Jian did not make a mission to the Western Regions? Zhang Ye s mission to the Western Regions was actually very clear to everyone, it was a military purpose, but when he returned later, he reported to Emperor Hanwu about what he saw and heard in the West.

So now we can find a lot of records about some western countries at the time. These were recorded at the time according to the descriptions of Zhang Ye and his staff. Thousands of miles is a country with detailed records. One of them is recorded in the historical records, and there is a place called Daqin. This Daqin was a famous country in the Han Dynasty. In fact, Daqin is now Afghanistan. There is a river west of Daqin. The local elder told them that the river was called Ruoshui . In our ancient Chinese myths and legends, there is a river under the Kunlun Mountain of the West Queen Mother called weak water, but this weakness is weak. At the time, Zhang Ye and others mistakenly thought that if water was the legendary weak water So he immediately set off to find the Kunlun Mountain where the Queen Mother of the West lived, but unfortunately it was not found. However, the concept of Kunlun has since moved westward and moved out of China s territory.

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