What is the reason for Zhao Jun to go out of traffic?

Wang Zhaojun, a native of the South County in the Western Han Dynasty, was elected to the government by Emperor Han Yuan at the age of seventeen to serve the royal family. At that time, there were many palace women entering the palace. Generally, they could not see the emperor. Instead, the painters painted portraits and sent them to the emperor for selection. There was a painter named Mao Yanshou. When he gave a portrait to the maid, the maids gave him sweet gifts, so he worked harder and painted more beautifully. As a result, people in these palaces bribed Mao Yanshou in hopes that he could beautify himself and make the emperor lucky.

When Mao Maoshou drew a portrait of Wang Zhaojun, she also hinted that she should spend money to honor her so that she could be summoned by the emperor. However, Wang Zhaojun first entered the Han Dynasty. Of course, he knew nothing about the hidden rules in the palace and did not benefit Mao Yanshou. Therefore, Mao Yanshou did not paint Wang Zhaojun s beauty faithfully. He fiddled with Wang Zhaocai s portrait, ugly painted her, the overall appearance is still the same, but the slightest manipulation, the overall look makes people look unsightly. Emperor Han Yuan saw such a portrait, but it turned out that he was still interested. So, the charming and beautiful Wang Zhaojun was buried.

At that time, because the northwest border of the Western Han Dynasty was often harassed by the Huns, the Western Han s ability to resist this harassment was very limited. Often take care of this and lose one another. This caused Emperor Han Yuan a headache. Coincidentally, one of the Huns called Han Yuxie was defeated by his elder brother Zhidan Yu, and killed many people. Hu Hanxie and the Minister discussed the results, determined to make peace with the Han Dynasty, and personally led down to meet the Emperor of the Han Dynasty. He united with the army sent by the Han Dynasty and finally defeated his elder brother Zhidan and consolidated his position. In order to express his gratitude, Hu Hanxie expressed his attitude to the Han Dynasty and was willing to marry a Han Dynasty woman as a wife and ask for repairs from generation to generation. He would never use soldiers. Emperor Han Yuan agreed. Previously, the Han Dynasty and the Huns had to choose a princess or a clan s daughter. Th is time, the Emperor Han Yuan decided to pick a palace girl for him, and he instructed people to go to the harem to preach: Whoever wants to go to the Huns, the emperor treats her princess. Wang Zhaojun knew this news and felt it was After solving his long stay in Shenzhen, he had no chance to meet the emperor, so when he was disappointed, he took the initiative to ask for a stop and kiss. She thought: marrying to be a mother outside the perimeter is much better than living a dead person in the Han Palace.

He waited until the day when he got married, and Wang Zhaojun was dressed up and dazzled, making the concubines in the harem overshadowed. Emperor Han Yuan was shocked when he saw this scene. He didn t know that his queen had such a beautiful and beautiful lady. So China couldn t help but reluctantly to Wang Zhaojun, but another thought, he had promised the Xiongnu to call Han Xiedanyu, and he couldn t break his promise, otherwise he might cause another riot in the frontier. As a result, Emperor Han Yuan had to endure his love and sent Wang Zhaojun to the sedan to see the expression of Emperor Han Yuan. His mood was of course very complicated. It was a big surprise for Hu Hanxian to see her. I didn t expect to be able to marry such a beautiful girl, and she felt happy and grateful. Emperor Han Yuan was angry and angry, but it was not easy to repent, so he killed Mao Yanshou in one go.

Hu Xihan Yu, who led a fairy like Wang Zhaojun, was escorted by officials of the Han Dynasty and left Chang an. In this way, Wang Zhaojun reached the Xiongnu for thousands of miles, and made the Han family who called Han Xiedanyu. After a long time, she used to live slowly, and got along well with the Huns. The Huns liked her and respected her. She stayed away from her hometown and settled in the Xiongnu for a long time. She persuaded Han Xieyu not to go to war and passed the culture of the Central Plains to the Xiongnu. Wang Zhaojun and his husband called Han Xiedan Yu Xiangjing Rubin. They had two sons in their lives and named Yi Tuzhi Tooth Master. Since then, the Huns and the Han Dynasty have lived in harmony and there has been no war for more than 60 years.

The king Wang Zhaojun went out of the way because he could not get the favor of the emperor. But later, she focused on communicating the relationship between the Han Dynasty and the Huns, and took the responsibility of peace and harmony as her duty. She continued to work for national reconciliation and made positive contributions to the stability of frontiers and friendship between nations. But others say that vilifying Wang Zhaojun is Mao Yanshou s strategy to save the country. Because Wang Zhaojun was too beautiful, and worried that the emperor Han Yuan s desire for beauty would delay the state affairs, Mao Yanshou uglyized Wang Zhaojun when he painted portraits.

The most real insider s reason for Xi Zhaojun s release was still different in historians. It seems that only the parties know it. But aside from these insider stories, Wang Zhaojun s contribution to peace between nations is real. This is a fact that no one can change.

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