What was the first reason in Chinese history not to inherit the throne?

The fault of the Yue king is that the descendants of Gou Jian, since Gou Jian, the Yue people have three kings and their kings, have a bad nature and have seriously affected the Yue state. In the early period of the Warring States period, the political status finally let the Yue state go down. The altars of the four major powers in the early days.

The king of Yue Zhu Gou is that after Gou practiced, the strongest monarch was during his reign. It was a series of policies that allowed Yue to rank among the four great powers, but he also sounded the death knell of Yue s decline. . After Goujian, the two monarchs were Zi Luyi and Sun Bushou. They both adhered to Goujian s policy of treating princes with courtesy and righteousness. Therefore, the state of hegemony was maintained in the country, but Zhu Gou killed his father and gave The later period, the concubine phenomenon buried a deep hidden danger.

After Zhu Gou s throne, the Southward Expedition and the Northward War annexed Teng State and Li State, which made Mozi lament: Today we will be at warring states: Qi, Jin, Chu, and Yue. … Today, we merged our country. There are four points in the world. The four great powers are Qi, Jin, Chu, and Yue!

Zhu Zhugou reigned for 37 years. After his death, the throne was passed on to the crown prince. Yue Wangxu took over the strong military strength of the country, so as soon as he succeeded, he sent troops to fight against the country. During the Spring and Autumn and Warring States Periods, Qi State belonged to the old overlords, and their arrogant strength, even Jin and Chu states at the time, was particularly jealous. However, as soon as the king of Yue came up, he had to attack Qi State. His courage was not too great.

The final result is that Yue Wangyi failed to eat, but Qi Guo s fatty meat can only be watched. Qi and Chu are becoming more and more powerful. He not only has to worry about whether Vietnam s hegemony in the Central Plains can be maintained. Problems, but also worry about the possible revenge at any time, the old nobility of Wu Guo. In the twenty-fifth year of King Yue Wang, King Zhou An officially acknowledged that Tian Qi was a vassal. In the thirty- third year, King Yue Wang was forced to relocate to Wu.

There are many powerful enemies outside the country, and there are many hidden dangers inside. In the thirty-sixth year of King Yue, King s brother Yu, in order to conquer the throne, killed one after another. Finally, the three sons of King Yue also provoked and killed the Prince s blame. Fortunately, Yue Wangyu was not completely confused and rejected Yu s proposal. The Prince s blame, on the line of life and death, so lingering in his heart, worried about his life, and finally red eyes, not only sent troops to drive away Yu, but also killed, his father Yue Wangwang. The impulse of all blame brought murder to himself. Within three months, he was killed by Yue people.

Xun Qunlong had no head. The more internal chaos, the more Chinese people of Wu Di planned to stand up, and the sons of the blame made the king. The wrong branch, also known as Fu Cuozhi, Wang Zisou, witnessed a number of seizures of the blood-stained court, and he was afraid, and simply hid in the cave of Dandi, and refused to be the Yue king. In the doctor s temple area of ​​Yue Guoqing, after the civil strife was settled, he led a group of people to welcome the wrong branch. No matter how to persuade the wrong branch, the wrong branch was unwilling to come out. Finally, the smoke was used to force the wrong branch out and force it. He sat on the throne of the king of Yue.

There was no other way out of the wrong branch, so he shouted to Heaven: A throne! A throne! Or don t give it to me! After that, he tried to escape the throne. Seeing this, the courtiers were not a solution. In desperation, they had to establish a separate one, and the son of the son of the king of Yue (also known as Beginner) was the king of Yue. I m afraid the wrong person for the throne like this , the first one!

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