When did the custom of eating moon cakes in the Mid-Autumn Festival begin?

In the early Tang Dynasty, only the first day of August in the lunar calendar was a holiday, and there was no fifteenth. In mid-Tangtang, people started to watch the moon on the night of August 15th, but there was no moon cake yet. According to historical records, moon cake, as a food name, first appeared in Wulin Old Things written by the Southern Song Dynasty. However, the moon cakes at that time had nothing to do with the Mid-Autumn Festival, and the moon cakes at that time were also very different from modern moon cakes. They only appeared in the food market as steamed food.

The moon cake was really related to the Mid-Autumn Festival in the Ming Dynasty. The description of tasting the moon and eating moon cakes in the Mid-Autumn Festival first appeared in the West Lake Tour in the Ming Dynasty: August 15 is called Mid-Autumn Festival, and the folks use moon cakes to inherit the meaning of reunion. According to legend, Zhu Yuanzhang led the Han people to rebel against the Yuan dynasty, and agreed to revolt on the day of August 15 and to send a message to the moon cake by giving moon cakes to each other. In the first year of Hongwu of the Ming Dynasty (1368 AD), Zhu Yuanzhang became emperor in Yingtian Mansion. On the second day of August, Xu Da captured Yuan Dadu . The news came that Zhu Yuanzhang was happy to pass down his mouth, and in the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival, all the soldiers and the people would have fun. As a festival cake, reward the ministers. Since then, the production of moon cakes has become more and more sophisticated, with more an d more varieties. Larger ones, such as discs, have become gifts for gifts. The custom of eating moon cakes on the Mid-Autumn Festival spread among the people.

He also said that moon cake originally originated from the Tang Dynasty army Zhu Jie Food. During Tang Gaozu s reign, General Li Jing conquered the Huns and triumphed on August 15. At that time, the Turpan people who were were in business offered cakes to the Emperor of the Tang Dynasty and wished them victory. Gao Zu Li Yuan took the gorgeous cake box and took out a round cake. He pointed at Mingyue in the sky and said, You should invite the toast to the Hu cake. After finishing talking and sharing the cakes with the ministers, they became the custom of eating moon cakes in the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Regardless of whether people use moon cakes as holiday food, or use it to sacrifice the moon, or use it to give away friends and relatives, or regardless of when moon cakes are eaten in the Mid-Autumn Festival, in short, this custom is a mentality of working people who want peace and family reunion reflect.

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