Where is Zhuge Liang’s Tomb? Exposing the truth of Zhuge Liang’s tomb why no one dares to steal it for thousands of years?

Presumably everyone knows it well. The magical work of this magical figure was well-known at the time. Even the graveyard after death has become one of today s tourist attractions, which is the Zhuge Liang tomb. We knew the tomb before, so where is Zhuge Liang s tomb? It is said that there is a mystery in Zhuge Liang s tomb that no one dares to steal it for thousands of years, and even the grave robbers dare not touch the tomb of Zhuge Liang. Why is this? Let s come together Take a look.

The tomb of Zhuge Liang is the tomb of Wuhou. It is located under the Dingjun Mountain in Mian County, Shaanxi Province. He died in Wushan Plain in 234 AD and was buried in Dingjun Mountain. Most of the existing buildings on the tomb were built in the Ming and Qing dynasties. Accompany. It is said that this place is just the crown, and whether Zhuge Liang s body is here, no one dare to find out for thousands of years.

The Zhuge Liang tomb in Dingjun Mountain is actually just a tomb. Before his death, Zhu Geliang considered that he had long-standing hatred with Sima Yi, and was worried that if he was told to know where his grave was, he would never have peace after death. Therefore, Zhuge Liang specially released fake news to make everyone think it was buried in Dingjun Mountain.

According to the Records of the Three Kingdoms, Zhuge Liang was buried at Dingjun Mountain in Hanzhong after his death, which is the Wuhou tomb of Mianxian County in Shaanxi as we see it now. The Wuhou tomb really exists and is consistent with the historical records . It is said that the tomb of Wuhou will certainly be destroyed, but in fact, the tomb of Zhuge Liang has existed for more than 1700, but it has been safe and sound because no one dares to do it. There are also many opinions about why Zhuge Liang s tomb has been dared to steal for thousands of years.

During the lifetime of Zhuge Liang, he was clever in his calculations and mastered the five elements and gossips. The tombs are full of organs, and grave theft will bear a lot of risks. When the Prime Minister of the Ming Dynasty Liu Bozhen heard that Zhuge Liang was so famous, he personally led someone to dig Zhuge Liang s tomb. Zhuge Liang counted Liu Bowen back to steal his graveyard. After digging, there were seven large oil cylinders connected with a cotton rope and it caught fire. Six cylinders were empty and only a little oil was left in the seventh mouth., Wrote: Xiao Liu Xiao Liu, add fuel quickly. Liu Bowen only said one thing: there was no ancient man before, and no one came after. Liu Bowen knelt in shock, so no one would dare to steal Zhuge Liang s tomb.

I originally had a stele at the entrance to the tomb. The carelessness on it was: I was destitute in my life, I didnt have a valuable funerary, and I didnt have to spend much time on it. Our Zhuge Liang is really clever to reveal the truth of Zhuge Liang s tomb.

According to relevant experts, this is also a factor in Zhuge Liang s tomb that has not been stolen for thousands of years. In his life, Zhuge Liang was not greedy and rich, and he died during the war. In the difficult conditions at the time, things were very hurried and there was nothing precious after death Funeral items. The picture shows a small toy in the tomb.

According to rumors, Zhuge Liang ordered Liu Chan to let four soldiers carry his coffin all the way south after his death, and the place where the rope was broken was where he was buried. But the four people carried the rope for three days and three nights, and the rope was not broken. They could not lift it, and five people decided to bury them on the spot. Later, Liu Chan knew that these five people did not do as instructed, and all died, so no one knew where Zhuge Liang was buried.

Another important reason for people is that Zhuge Liang is respected and loved by the people. We all cherish Zhuge Liang s grave. There are also records that Zhuge Liang behind him and the people automatically repair and protect the grave for him. Presumably, the grave robbers will not annihilate humanity so much. Tomb of a beloved!

As Zhuge Liang is proficient in the five elements and gossip mechanism, grave robbers dare not enter the grave easily. Everyone in the world is convinced by Zhuge Liang s demise after bowing to death, and even the grave robbers admired it. Zhu Geliang was frugal in his life, and spent his entire life in politics. He had two winds, and there was nothing valuable in the tomb. Wuhou Tomb is rumored to be only Zhuge Liang s tomb, and no funeral. As a result, grave robbers did not dare to risk their lives or the world s abandonment, to visit a tomb that is likely to have nothing.

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