Who invented the Zhongshan suit

When Mr. Sun Yat-sen was the Grand Marshal of the Chinese Revolutionary Government in Guangzhou, he felt that the suit style was cumbersome and inconvenient to wear; and that Chinese clothing had practical shortcomings, so he entrusted the owner of the Hanoi clothing store Huang Longsheng to design a beautiful, simple and practical Chinese clothing. Huang made reference to Western European and Japanese clothing styles, combined with the corporate collar jackets and student clothes that were popular among overseas Chinese at the time, and designed a garment that was Zhongshan. Sun Yat-sen suits were advocated by Sun Yat-sen, and because of their simplicity and practicality, they became popular with suits since the Revolution of 1911. 1912

Stand-up lapels, placket, five buttons on the front, four patch pockets and three buttons on the cuffs; These forms are actually exquisite, according to the etiquette and other contents of Zhou Dynasty in Yijing.

Zhongshan suits are rich in colors, in addition to the common blue and gray, there are camel, black, white, gray-green, beige and so on. Zhongshan suit has many advantages. It is mainly balanced and symmetrical in appearance, elegant in appearance, elegant and stable, convenient in movement, free in movement, and warm in body. It can be used as both a dress and casual clothes. Its disadvantages are tight neckline and stuck neck. Zhongshan outfit has attracted the favor of middle-aged and elderly people and overseas Chinese with its unique calm and sophisticated style. Especially intellectuals still regard Zhongshan outfit as their daily clothes.

Since the founding of New China, since the revolutionary leaders and revolutionary cadres all wore Zhongshan suits, the people also used this costume to express their welcome to the new era. Therefore, Zhongshan suits became widespread in society and became an iconic garment for Chinese menswear . Even on today s T-shaped tables, fashion clothes evolved from it can still be seen.

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