Who is the earliest Chinese poet

Qu Yuan (340 BC ~ 278 BC), with the surname Qu, Pingping, and the original character; and his own name is regular, and the words are even. The Han nationality, a Danyang native of Chu during the Warring States Period, a native of Zigui County, Yichang City, Hubei Province, and a descendant of the son of Chu Wuwang Xiong Tong. Advocate united against the Qin Dynasty, and advocate beauty politics.

Qiu Yuan s life experienced three periods of King Chu Wei, King Chu Huai, and King Xiang, and his main activities were during the period of King Chu Huai. This period is the eve of China s imminent unification. Qu was born of an aristocrat, and he knew how to manage chaos and was adept at resigning. He was deeply favored by King Chu Huai in his early years, and he was a left apprentice and a doctor of three concubines. In order to realize the great cause of the unification of the Chu State, Qu Yuan actively assisted Wang Huai s reform and strengthened his internal strength. He insisted on joining forces to fight against the Qin Dynasty, which made the Chu state once wealthy and powerful and powerful princes. However, due to sharp contradictions between Qu Yuan and the rotten aristocracy of Chu in internal affairs and diplomacy, and due to the jealousy of Shangguan Doctor and others, Qu Yuan was later framed and alienated by King Chu Huai.

From Qin to Chu, he bought Jin Shang, Zilan, Zheng Xiu and others as traitors with heavy money. At the same time, he deceived the king with six hundred miles in a place where merchants were offered, which caused Qi Chu to break off ties. After being deceived, King Huai became furious, and sent troops to Qin twice. As a result, Qu Yuan was ordered to envoy Qi Guo to rebuild Qi Chu. During this period, Zhang Yi once again carried out activities from Qin Zhichu to disintegrate the Qichu Alliance, making the Qichu Alliance unsuccessful. In the twenty-fourth year of King Huai, the Qinchu Yellowthorn Alliance, the Chu State completely devoted to Qin s arms. Qu Yuan was also expelled from Lidu to Hanbei.

For thirty years, King Huai returned to Lidu. In the same year, King Qin Yuehuai met with Wuguan, and King Huai was detained by Qin, and eventually died in Qin Kingdom. After King Xiang was enthroned, he continued to implement the surrender policy , and Qu Yuan was once again expelled from the capital, exiled from the south of the river, and left between the waters of the two cities. During his exile, Qu Yuan felt depressed and began literary creation. In his works, he was full of nostalgia for Chu Dichu Feng and his passion for serving the country. His works are gorgeous in words, strange in imagination, novel in metaphor, profound in meaning, and become one of the origins of Chinese literature.

In 1953, the 2230th anniversary of Qu Yuan s death, the World Peace Council passed a resolution to determine Qu Yuan as one of the world s four cultural celebrities.

Xuan Quyuan was a poet, and it was from this time that China began to have writers famous for literature. Qu Yuanyuan established the style of Chu Ci (that is, he created the style of Ci Fu), which was praised as the civic poet, not even a generation.

Qu Yuan s works are based on the corrections of Liu Xiang, Liu Xie s father and son, and Wang Yi s annotations. There are twenty-five articles, one is Lisao, the other is Tianwen, the eleven is nine songs , and There are nine chapters, one each for A Journey, Bu Ju, and Fisherman.

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