Why is it so difficult for the three generals in Chinese history to lose?

For more than 2,000 years since the reunification of China, nearly 1,500 years of war have taken place in China. However, the times created heroes, climbing up three undefeated generals in the tired bones of the war. They were the most dazzling generals at that time and the most extraordinary legend in Chinese history!

Han Xin once fell into a beggar, drilled under the control of a bully in the market, and was never reused as Xiang Yu s halberd. He originally thought that he would pass this turmoil all his life. After chasing Han Xin under the moon , the goddess of fate finally chose him. The moment when Han Xin ascended to worship the altar, the glorious life of Bingxian Han Xin began.

Han Xinming repaired the boardwalk, secretly Chencang, and quickly dispatched troops to occupy Guanzhong, and then leveled Wei, Dai, Zhao, Yan, and Qi. In the battle of Weishui, Han Xin defeated more than all, annihilated the dragon and led 200,000 aids. Qi Chujun and his Majesty the Peng Yue and Ying Bu will make Xiang Yu embark on all sides of the Wujiang River. Han Xin had no defeat in the entire Chu-Han war. The world did not dare to compete with it. Liu Bang once commented on him: With a million troops, we must win and we must attack. We are not as good as Han Xin.

Huo Qubing was originally an ordinary domestic slave (there was still slavery in the Western Han Dynasty), and his status was low. When he was 17 years old, when his peers were still playing games in an Internet cafe, Huo Qubing was valued by Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, and he was named Captain Yao Yao. Huns. Huo Qubing s first battle led 800 Xiaoqi into the enemy s territory hundreds of miles, destroyed the uncle of the Huns Dan Yu, captured more than 2,000 enemy troops, and killed the Huns. In the two battles in Hexi, Huo went to the hospital to break through the Xiongnu, captured the Xiongnu sacrifice to the Tianjin people, and went straight to Qilian Mountain. In the battle of the Mobei, Huo went to the hospital to seal the wolf, and returned home.

Huo Qu s invincible situation made the Xiongnu suffocate, and the Xiongnu sang the song: Lost me Qilian Mountain, so that my six beasts do not live in peace; Losing me to support the mountain, so that my married woman is colorless. Yingcai, 24-year-old general will die of illness. In his short seven-year war career, Huo went to the gallop to fight the battlefield without fail, making a huge contribution to the stabilization of the Chinese border!

In the 500 years of the Spring and Autumn and the Warring States Period, all the schools of thought quarreled. This was an era with the most brilliant thinking and the most talented people in Chinese history, but Bai Qi was undoubtedly the most dazzling general of the era. He broke through the capital of Chu and Beiweiyan Zhao in his lifetime. More than 70 battles, without losing a defeat, and because he killed the most, he sent the nickname kill the god in vain!

Bai Qi commanded many important battles, breaking the Chu army, breaking into the capital, forcing the Chu country to move the capital, and the Chu country was in a state of stagnation; in the battle of Yijing, it wiped out the 250,000 coalition forces of the Han and Wei dynasties, completely smoothing the way of the Qin army s eastward movement; During the battle, Bai Qi seduced the enemy deeply and broke Zhao Jun to surrender. Afterwards, he feared that Zhao Jun s soldiers had changed a lot. He actually buried all of the 450,000 Zhao Jun surrendered, leaving only 200 children to report back! According to Liang Qichaos research, two million people were killed during the entire Warring States period. Killing a million people is terror.

Xi Baiqi battled for a lifetime without losing a defeat. From the military attache to Feng Wu Anjun, the six countries heard the tremble of coldness and evaluated him: On the battle of annihilation, no one can beat him for a thousand years.

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