Yuan Shikai became emperor and decided not to use eunuchs instead

Resolutely do not need eunuchs, but there must be service staff. Yuan Shikai was named a female officer, but there are certain standards for female officers, and it must be a girl with a yellow flower!

I became emperor and had to have eunuch costumes. The eunuch Xiaode Zhang of the Qing Dynasty went to Yuan Shikai and asked him if he wanted eunuch, because he had a lot of eunuchs. Yuan Shikai advertised himself as the emperor of the new era. If he wanted to have an eunuch again, would it be the same as the Qing dynasty? Originally, people opposed him as emperor. There was no more talk? So Yuan Shikai replied very firmly and did not need an eunuch.

No eunuchs are needed, and there must be servants in the palace? Yuan Shikai decided to recruit a female officer, and first elected a female chief. Yuan Shikai interviewed in person and chose Quiet Student to be the female chief. A quiet student, born in a wealthy home, with excellent academics and knowledgeable, it is completely different from those deep-daughter women who don t hear things outside the window .

Soon after, Quiet Life drafted a charter for the selection of female officers and gave it to Yuan Shikai. At first glance, Yuan Shikai had eight articles of association. 1. Family innocence, political innocence, and support for Emperor Yuan s leadership; 2. Age between 14 and 25; 3. Dignified appearance, good health, and no disease; 4. No marriage, no object Huanghuada Girl, five, or daughter-in-law, but must have had no children; six, do not smoke, drink, or gamble; seven or three years before you can go out of the palace; eight or three years after the expiration of the lady, please the emperor, Give praise to those who perform well.

In accordance with these eight criteria, the quiet student selected 120 young and beautiful female officials to enter the palace to provide services for Yuan Shikai and others. However, Yuan Shikai only dreamed of the Emperor s Dream for a short period of 83 days, and then anxiously attacked and died.

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