Zhou Yu was jealous of Zhuge Liang, but he didn’t know why Zhuge Liang often went to his house.

Zhuge Liang is a symbol of wisdom in the eyes of the world. His spirit of bowing to death has inspired people for generations. Since it is so expressive in the living population, the real Zhuge Liang in history must be very powerful.

In fact, Zhuge Liang s talents should not be doubted by future generations. It is because of him that a fallen uncle Liu from nothing to Liu Bei s leg on the throne of the emperor became a prince in a troubled world. He should know Zhuge Liang s talents in the world Already.

Of course, there are still many episodes on the way to help Liu Bei hit the mountains. These episodes reflect Zhuge Liang s talents and his wisdom. What kind of straw boat to borrow arrows, help Zhou Gongjin to borrow Dongfengna. At the same time, Zhuge Liang is still an inventor. His invention is still used today, that is, the Kong Ming lantern. Kong Ming Lantern was originally used to convey military information, but now it is used as a wishing lamp. Zhu Geliang is mentally retarded and wonders what he will think.

I want to mention the most jealous person in history, and a name will appear in the mind of the world-Zhou Yu. Zhou Yu was killed by Zhuge Liang. Zhuge Liang performed particularly well in front of Zhou Yu, which completely crushed Zhou Yu . This can make Zhou Yu unbearable. Zhuge Liang is doing other things over and over again, and it is a tricky Zhou Yu. The proverbial book is intolerable and unbearable. Zhou Yu, who has always regarded herself as arrogant, can only suffer such insults. However, she can only feel weak in the face of the powerful Zhuge Liang. A sense of despair is born and can only be lost in anger.

Ye Ke Zhou Yu wants to know that Zhuge Liang is also jealous of him, he may come back with a smile. What is Zhuge Liang jealous of him? Zhuge Liang is jealous that he has a beautiful wife, a young Qiao, one of Jiangnan s beauties, and a famous ugly woman Huang Yueying in history. Put the two together and make up your mind. When Sun Wu alliance, Zhu Geliang often went to Zhou Yujia as a guest, and naturally it was common to see Xiao Qiao.

I believe Zhuge Liang was fascinated by the beauty of Xiao Qiao at the first sight of Xiao Qiao. After all, seeing the ugly wife in Zhuge Liang, and seeing Xiao Qiao s beautiful appearance on this day and place are like mountain people who have never seen the world. Zhuge Liang s heart tickled. He was envious, envious, and hated Zhou Yu. If he can get Xiao Qiao, he would rather give up his current status as prime minister.

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