Zhu Xi preached that women could not remarry if they lost their festivals, but did not prevent their sisters from remarrying?

According to historical records, in the Spring and Autumn Period, when paying attention to the Western Zhou ritual law, there are still many people who do not recommend women to divorce. It is also normal for many Wang Sun ministers to marry a widow. But when the time came, there was a statement that there was little starvation and great loss of festivals. Why did the concept of openness in the Spring and Autumn Period not continue, but the people s concept of chastity in the later period became heavier and heavier?

In the Spring and Autumn Period, the Han population was relatively small. The population was mainly concentrated in several towns and surrounded by large tracts of vacant land. To use these vacant lands, there needs to be enough population. At that time, the strength of a country depends on which country. Large population. At that time, weapons were still lagging behind, and wars between people relied mainly on human sea tactics to win.

At this time, women s fertility has become a very important resource. If the rule of virginity is followed, and the husband does not remarry after death, the fertility of this woman is equivalent to a waste. This will increase the population of the country. Very unfavorable.

Later, with the increase of the population, women s concept of virginity was still very open. Even during the Song Dynasty, women s concept of virginity was very open. The Song Dynasty even subsidized women s second marriage, and men had to pay for it. Song women s second marriage is too common, such as Li Qingzhao and Zhu Xi s sister.

In the Southern Song Dynasty, the social atmosphere at that time had been opened to an exaggerated degree. Scholar-offices had a lot of official prostitutes in their homes, and the number of private green houses had reached an unprecedented number. There were hundreds of brothels in Lin an City alone, and prostitutes The industry is also very developed. Many people have daughters who grow up and sell to brothels in the hope that they can support their families.

At a time when social ethos is getting worse, Zhu Xi, a Confucianist in the Southern Song Dynasty, couldn t stand it anymore. He felt it necessary to rectify the social ethos. Zhu Xi devoted all his efforts and stipulated that the moral values Of of San Cong and Si De hoped that everyone would follow them, but at that time everyone did not accept them immediately, including Zhu Xi s sister. It was not until the late Southern Song Dynasty that Zhu Xi s ideas were accepted .

Now that society has developed into a patriarchal society, the restrictions on women are even greater. This is not just for fear of cuckold, but more importantly for the protection of property. It would be miserable if you lost your wife and lost your property. Therefore, after the Southern Song Dynasty, people all felt that Zhu Xi s three from four virtues theory was very reasonable and began to vigorously promote it.

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