Zhu Xi’s approach to the adulterer is almost chilling, especially to female relatives!

. Emperor Jianwen Zhu Yunzheng decided to cut the sect on the advice of ministers like Qi Tai and Huang Zicheng. This decision completely angered the king of Yan Zhu Yan. In 1399, Zhu Xi launched the battle of Jingnan under the name of Qing Jun side . It took him three years to drive Zhu Yunzhang away, ascended the throne, and became Ming Chengzu.

Tong Ming Chengzu and Taizu were as addictive as killers. After he ascended the throne, he cleaned up political opponents and abused torture. People like Qi Tai and Huang Zicheng not only end up miserable, but even their wives and daughters are spared. So, what are Zhu Xi s treatments of political opponents wives and daughters? How cruel are they? One of them is to make women s lives worse than death.

Ancient In ancient times, if officials or people had committed very serious crimes, they might be executed by Ling Chi or connected with the nine groups. This cruel method is most used by emperors to treat political opponents. The purpose is to achieve the effect of killing one hundred and cutting grass and roots. Zhu Xi also used this method to treat the ministers who support Zhu Yunzhang..

Fang Xiaozhen, a great scholar of the Ming Dynasty, refused to draft an ascended edict for Zhu Xi, scolding Zhu Xi as a chaotic thief, and Zhu Xi, who was so angry and angry, ordered Ling Chi to be executed, and let people eat his flesh. Multi-ethnic people have died as a result. Fang Xiaozhen, who was too upright, became the first person in the history to be strangled by the ten families.

Mortal punishment, also known as martyrdom or masquerade, is tattooed or patterned on the prisoner s face or forehead, and then stained with ink as a symbol of the prisoner. Although not enough to cause death, the dignity of the inmate is lost. In the Ming Dynasty, it was stipulated that except for the members of the party against the party, no stabbing. For some lesser rebellious parties, Zhu Xi used his sentence to the full, and most of the criminals who were sentenced were exiled to the frontier, such as the Ministry of War The family of Shang Shu Tiefu was sent to fill the army after being sentenced by Mo.

In the Song and Yuan dynasties, the Department of Kojibo was originally an institution that specialized in the teaching and performance of court folk music. However, in the Ming Dynasty, Ming Chengzu Zhu Xi set it as a special institution to house the family members of political opponents. Any woman sent here is subject to Life is better than death without human torture. For example, Zhu Xi used this method to treat the family members of Zhu Yunzhang s close relatives Huang Zicheng and Qi Tai. The worst female relatives ( Qi Tai s sister and two nephew daughters) were turned into battle by more than 20 Hans at a time. Dare to ask who can stand it?

Even when treating a pregnant woman, Zhu Xi did not take it seriously and still sent him to the Department of Education. He regarded it as a tree of money and was cruel. Ming Chengzu Zhu Xi has indeed achieved great achievements in history, but it also has a brutal side, especially when it comes to treating the so-called treacherous minister, which makes people shudder.

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