According to the relevant laws of our country, if the criminals of the crime of destroying computer information meet certain conditions, the people s court can be sentenced to probation, such as sentenced to detention, imprisonment of less than three years, and manifestations of confession. Article 72 [Conditions of Applicability]Read More →

This offender who has a chance to commute and is sentenced to life imprisonment can be commuted if he strictly abides by the supervision regulations, undergoes educational reforms, and performs repentance or meritorious deeds during the execution period. Not less than thirteen years. Criminal Law : Article 78. Criminals sentencedRead More →

According to the relevant laws of China, there are certain conditions for claiming damages during divorce. If the adopted son is the illegitimate child of the other party and constitutes a bigamy, he can request for divorce damages. Illegal children are legally called children born out of wedlock and referRead More →