With the increase of foreigners’ employment in this job, the certification of no criminal record has become a necessary document when applying for foreigner’s employment permit According to the regulations of the Labor Bureau on the employment of foreigners, With the increase of foreigners’ employment in this job, the processRead More →

After overseas tourists spend money in Chengdu,you can go through the tax refund formalities when you leave Shuangliu International Airport. In Chengdu, in addition to sightseeing and tasting delicious food, overseas tourists often buy local specialties and various international famous brands. Chengdu has many exit tax refund stores, including RenheRead More →

In addition to the basic materials such as valid foreign passport, health certificate, foreign criminal record certificate, foreigners applying for permanent residence in China shall also submit the following materials. (1) Investment personnel 1. Duplicate of business license of enterprise legal person; 2. A copy of the approval certificate ofRead More →

According to data from the Ministry of education of China, since 2017, the number of Chinese students studying abroad has reached 608400, an increase of 11.74% year on year, maintaining the status of the world’s largest source country of foreign students. In 2017, the number of returned overseas students increasedRead More →

China is a multi-ethnic country with Chinese civilization as the source, Chinese culture as the basis and Han as the main ethnic group. Chinese and Chinese characters are commonly used. Han and ethnic minorities are collectively referred to as “the Chinese nation”, and they also call themselves the descendants ofRead More →